Sunday, January 20, 2008

What occupies our time

Well Church was cancelled this morning due to the snow/ice. I'm very bummed because I was looking forward to getting out of the house with Megan. So we had to do something this morning to stay busy. Her little internal body clock keeps going off earlier and earlier. It doesn't matter what time she goes to bed, she's up at 7 - well now that would be 6:30 or sometimes 6:15.... I'm dying. So I refuse to get her out of bed before 6:45. You would think by now this "sleep training" would've made an impact and she'd sleep till then. Nope.
So here's what we did this morning...

Practiced some stair climbing.
We made a fort out of the dining room table and chased each other around it and through it.
Refrigerator magnets keep her occupied in the kitchen.
Now this one needs some explaining... Megan has always been a good napper - gone down with no fussing. The tide has turned on that one I think. Now that she is mobile... she gets in the crib and pops up. This morning, she played in the crib and fussed and stood up, and did about everything she could imagine to avoid sleeping. Finally after about 45 minutes of her being in there (and me checking on her several times) she fell asleep on her knees looking over the rail and then she just crumpled down. I snuck in and took a picture of her crumpled down at the end of the bed. That little stinker... but hey, at least she's taking a nap! I don't dare move her for fear she'll wake up and we'll start the nap dance all over again.

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