Monday, January 14, 2008

Megan's first Sleepover

Last night was Megan's first sleepover... aka - her first night away from Mom. Finally at 10 months old, Megan flew the coup and stayed overnight with Grandma and Granddad.

It's taken awhile for me to part with my baby girl overnight. Mostly because she was breastfed. I ended up having surgery when she was 3 months old and Megan didn't like all those bottles she was getting when I was out of commission - so she went through a LONG phase where she suddenly started refusing bottles (at 3 months) and therefore we were never far apart. It made life interesting. Finally when she hit 9 months she decided bottles weren't too bad as long as it was only on once or twice a week. I never knew if she'd take it or not, it was hit and miss for awhile. Now at 10 months she's finally over that and will take a bottle whenever. Actually after our trip to MN where she had bottles at the airport and on the plane, she came home and one day crawled over to a bottle that I was unpacking and actually said "ba ba" and picked it up like she was drinking out of it. She got very angry when nothing came out. Now she's so distractable that I think she's weaning herself. All that to say - she finally had her first sleepover.... which meant mommy got a night off! A whole night and a whole morning (3 bottles to be exact). (Hear the orchestra playing, see the fireworks - celebration!)

And going to Grandma and Granddad's meant lots of fun things, like time playing with the puppies (Cinnamon and Daisy - and maybe they aren't truly "puppies", but to us they are).After dropping Megan off, Tom and I headed out to his work party. They throw quite a bash. This year it was held at the Fox Theater in the Egyptian ballroom. The food was interesting -most of the dishes were served in a martini glass. They had a salad topped with beef (very different and it's hard to eat salad out of a martini glass), then there were mashed potatoes with turkey, and my favorite - mac and cheese topped with chicken nuggets and you could garnish with green beans. Like I said - very interesting. Here's a shot of most of the work crew (from left to right: Sandy and her husband Gerald (standing behind her), Me and Tom, Susan and Tom - not pictured are Susanne and Per - they escaped before the camera came out).

Tom and I enjoyed a baby free evening. Did I mention this shindig had a band, dancing, open bar, and some gambling tables (for prizes, not cash). It was a very swanky black tie optional affair. We look forward to it every year. Last year I was about 7 weeks away from birthing a baby, and this year it was my first baby free overnighter. A lot changes in a year.
Of course I took full advantage of sleeping in on Sunday morning. I don't think I rolled out of bed till almost 10:30 - oh the memories of those days! It was sweet! When Tom and I were actually thinking of getting up and going to church, I told him he could go, but that I hadn't had a baby free night of not waking up a couple of times between midnight and 5 am and not getting up to feed a baby at 6:30-7am in over 310 days. Yeah - Three Hundred and Ten Days.... When you look at it from that perspective, it makes sense that I'm tired!!!!!

Of course, I missed the dickens out of Megan and we even had to stop in her room when we got home Saturday night and prayed that she'd sleep good at Grandma and Granddad's house (which she didn't - welcome to my daily world of waking up due to ear infections). Sunday after I finally got up, we headed out to a leisurely paced breakfast. It was so nice to leave the house without a diaper bag, or having to plan a baby's meal and grabbing a container of puffs, Cheerios, or baby goldfish. Then it was off to pick that munchin up!

We got to Grandma and Granddad's house and Megan was so happy. Grandad had gotten out a huge Pooh Bear from my childhood and Megan was enthralled by him. Pooh is almost 3 feet tall, and Megan thought he was so cool. She kissed him, laughed at him, snuggled up with him, and tried to climb over him. Needless to say, she had a fun sleepover!

Thanks Grandma and Granddad for taking care of a little cutie Saturday night - and for giving me a blissful nights sleep.
On a side note... to any of my friends who are currently with child and going through the battle of deciding on breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding. If you want my opinion, I'll give it to you. I have the pro's and con's and will tell it like it is. Just ask....

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