Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Discovering Elmo

Elmo has entered our lives... Let me just say that I'm not a TV mom. BUT.... Sesame Steet is on right before Megan's first nap... And the last 15 monutes are "Elmo's World". It's really cute. I know this because one day, when Megan was being very fussy, I just happened to flip it on to see if she would even be the slightest bit interested. So far TV just doesn't grab her attention (thank goodness). At least she's not interested UNLESS Elmo is on. On that day, Megan totally ingnored Sesame Street unless someone was singing and dancing, or unless Elmo was on. Megan was getting a little fussy today before her nap so I just flipped it on to see if Elmo's world was on yet and she let out the cutest scream and just crawled right over to Elmo on the TV. If Elmo wasn't on the TV she sat down and crawled away. Then when he came back on - back she went to the TV.

Since she was so excited about Elmo, that tonight I brought out the Elmo we got her for Christmas. The one that I forgot to give her.... She saw him and smiled and giggled and then sat with him until it was time to get in bed. So in the words of a famous little fuzzy red kid/puppet (???) - Welcome to Elmo's World!

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Sandy P said...

I am trying Elmo tomorrow! Carson would watch TV and give me 30 minutes from the time he was tiny. Macie has NO intrest.