Monday, January 21, 2008

My Sockless Reader

Megan has just entered a new stage.... she loves books. Over the past couple of weeks she's suddenly realized that she loves being read to. Previously, books were fun to chomp on, and the pictures were pretty, but it was hard to get her to actually sit and listen to a story. But now, she will sit and listen to books over and over and over again (I just invested in some new board books so that mommy could have some more variety).

We have stumbled upon Megan's favorite book - Baby Boo! It's in the Amazing Baby series. She loves it - she smiles, giggles and screams when we read it. Each page has real baby pictures on it and she loves looking at them. The last page is a peek-a-boo mirror page....And when we get to that page - she kisses the baby!
And what do you do after you've read a good book.... take your socks off, of course! Megan is so proud of herself that she got a sock off (notice her playing with her toes)! That's the sock I've been trying to keep on all day.
So, I "win" the battle and put on socks that she really can't get off... but that doesn't mean she won't try.

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hmferrero said...

Aren't the little ones fun???

Jakey loves to pull off his socks too. Any time his shoes are off he tries to pull them off.

And he has always loved books. And he kisses himself on the mirrored pages too. Basically any time there is a mirror he wants to kiss himself. Even on the bathtub drain. :)