Sunday, May 7, 2017


February - a fun and short month.
In school we've been studying about landforms, layers of the earth, how the earth moves, etc...  We had a great time wrapping up our discussions about earthquakes by designing "quake-proof" structures.


 Can it withstand the jiggle of the jello?????

Nicole was super excited because she had "her" first event at church - Pajama Jam!

And I guess I took more pictures than normal in school - here we are predicting and experimenting on what the effect of different liquids on Candy hearts.
 And real aloud......
 And our fun art project was to create unique potato prints.

And in case you haven't realized from the monthly pictures of the zoo.... we are working towards getting to the zoo every month of our membership (ok, we already missed one).  But we want to earn our free overnight at the zoo - so we are trying!!!!

 The last weekend of the month, we were able to step up and babysit for a little bitty doll baby (11 weeks old).  If you know any foster families- be there for them!  We loved this little one for a weekend so her foster parents could escape for an anniversary weekend.  She's welcome back anytime!!!!!!


Finally - we are into the correct year.  Just a few months of catching up to do..... Welcome to January!

We started off the year visiting CNN with Nicole's American Heritage Girls.

And while we were downtown.... we walked a few blocks over to the aquarium.

In homeschool news - Megan began constructing her volcano.


Nicole started her own Homeschool science class - which she loves!

At home - we have been working on solids, liquids, and gases - and a bit of chemistry!

The girls have found that dancing is a great PE class!

 And Megan LOVES her casual environment of homeschool.

We ended our January with a trip to the zoo to see the new Panda cubs.  We've been eagerly waiting for them to be out on exhibit!

And Nicole has been working hard on her reading - she got to go read to a dog at the library - super fun!  She loves doing things that her big sister once did.

2016 Christmas and MN

Yeah.... still trying to catch up.  I promise it WILL happen!

We had a sweet Christmas together!

 Then - hit the road to MN.... we had a bit of snow awaiting us!

We made sure to have our annual cookie making afternoon with Uncle Dan.
 Then went back out to our snow fort!

We all got to FINALLY meet sweet little Eli.

We spent a fun day at an indoor play center with Uncle Tony - so fun!

You might not want to run into this motley crew at a lazer tag course....

And of course, we had our annual Christmas visit to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America!

And yes.... on this roller coaster that is going straight up (and then will come straight down) - one of those heads belongs to Tom and one to Megan.  eek.

Auntie Dawn headed downtown with us to the Science Museum of Minnesota.  We had  a great full day!!!!

Megan LOVED learning about weather - you could create cold fronts and warm fronts and see how they impacted the air differently.

and in our downtime - this one could be found in assorted positions while reading the books she got for Christmas.