Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Megan and Nicole proclaimed this the best Easter ever!  I'm betting they'll say the same thing next year.  We had a great time celebrating at church this morning, having an egg hunt with our church family following the service, then home to finish filling our "family eggs" for the big hunt with the cousins!

 The kids were superior egg hunters and I think we've found all 240ish eggs... yeah - we just kept filling eggs.  Who knew we had so many eggs from previous years of egg hunts.  So there were lots of eggs to be found!
 Megan even had to go get a 2nd Easter basket when her's was filled to overflowing.
 And the littlest Miss - we'll, she didn't need a lot of help from her cousins - she was a fierce egg hunter!
This was a super cute Easter with Nicole - she's almost 3 1/2 and is starting to grasp the Easter story.  Last week she was moved "upstairs" at church - so she's in big kid church.  This week her teachers told me they were shocked that she could help retell all the parts of the Resurection story.  That little one is a sponge!  And tomorrow - no school for these girls - it's Spring Break!  So I'm sure we'll find lots of trouble to get into - and I'll try to keep it all posted. :^)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Megan's Heart is a flutter!

Oh yes... something happened as Megan was getting ready to turn 6... she started to figure out boys.  I know, I know - 6 and boys - what's up with that????  Although in reality, I was happy she wasn't one of the girls talking about her "boyfriend" in pre-K.

Well, how did this begin?  Around Valentine's Day, her school had a sweetheart dance - her Daddy escorted her!  But while she was there, he was cut in on by a younger man....

Needless to say, her Daddy's heart about fell out of his body.  But I did assure him that Kaleb is very sweet boy from a great family.  His mom is my co-room mom.  Tom was a bit floored by his awesome manners when he asked to dance with Megan.

But shortly after that she made it clear - that her heart belonged to another.... Colton.
Colton is her best bus buddy - at least that was my definition.  But alas, a mom's understanding of these things is so limited.  Colton, Megan explained, is her very best friend.  According to her, he's so much fun and makes her laugh, and he laughs at her jokes (this is very important) - they have so much fun together that evidently they have begun planning their wedding.

I was pleased to hear that since Colton's mom and her mom live in the same neighborhood, that they were planning on living in a house in the middle so that we could each see them and come babysit whenever we wanted.  Then I got the picture....  no literally - THE picture...

This is Megan, Colton, and in the middle is their daughter....
aaauuuuggghhhh.... talk about your life passing before your eyes!

Oh then it was the fessing up - that Colton kissed her on the bus.  After I inwardly stopped freaking out about that one - it was to find out that it was on the hand - "like a gentleman, mom!"
 But most fairytales have some dilemma, right?  Colton just moved.  Prior to them moving, we had some super fun playdates.  They are the funniest pair - Colton will let Megan drag her around - that picture is of Megan and Colton putting on a dance show for the moms (guess who's idea that was).  But, Colton will also pull Megan around and get her to climb trees and be a little tomboy (which she secretly loves).  I laugh my head off when I watch them play because they get along so well.

In the car a few days ago, Megan told me that Colton was her best friend and then asked, "It is ok to marry your best friend, right?"  I explained to her that she had a LONG time to wait before she could really get married -but that yes, that was the way to do it!  She's determined to wait!  So for the next 20 years we'll be finding fun things to do to meet in the middle.  Thankfully colton and his mom are only an hour north of us.  We already have a playdate scheduled for spring break!

I knew that the day we started school life would seem like it was moving at warp speed... and it is!


Yes... we are still here!
I'm SO far behind on updates and will try desperately to fill in the gaps later.  But since I'm already overwhelmed with how much has happened since the last post... I'll at least start with the present so that I don't miss the current fun times!  And at some point, I'll fill you all in on Christmas, our trip to MN, Trip to SeaWorld and Disney, Megan's birthday... and I'm sure there are lots of other tidbits along the way.

But what are we up to now?  Both the girls started Soccer.  we are playing in an Upwards league at our church.  I love that it is non-competitive, because my girls like to have fun - but let's just say that currently it's a great outlet for friendship and exercise not a future college scholarship training ground.  :^)
Due to rain, tornado warnings, and snow...  We've had 2 practices and no games so far.  And let me just tell you, I'm a bit glad that we haven't had a game yet....  we need a bit more practice.

Nicole is also playing this year... that wasn't planned.  Upwards starts when you are 3. I had not planned on her doing it - but several other moms of 3 year olds encouraged me to sign her up.  Well wouldn't you know it... my little baby is the baby of her team.  She happens to be on a team with all 4 year olds.  Evidently several of our 3 year old friends decided not to do it last minute - bummer.  But she seems to be having fun.  I think she'll have fun running around the field and it's great exercise - and she's a cute little mascot.

Oh yeah... and she's super excited that she finally got her uniform!  now she's just like her big sister!