Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yes... we are still here!
I'm SO far behind on updates and will try desperately to fill in the gaps later.  But since I'm already overwhelmed with how much has happened since the last post... I'll at least start with the present so that I don't miss the current fun times!  And at some point, I'll fill you all in on Christmas, our trip to MN, Trip to SeaWorld and Disney, Megan's birthday... and I'm sure there are lots of other tidbits along the way.

But what are we up to now?  Both the girls started Soccer.  we are playing in an Upwards league at our church.  I love that it is non-competitive, because my girls like to have fun - but let's just say that currently it's a great outlet for friendship and exercise not a future college scholarship training ground.  :^)
Due to rain, tornado warnings, and snow...  We've had 2 practices and no games so far.  And let me just tell you, I'm a bit glad that we haven't had a game yet....  we need a bit more practice.

Nicole is also playing this year... that wasn't planned.  Upwards starts when you are 3. I had not planned on her doing it - but several other moms of 3 year olds encouraged me to sign her up.  Well wouldn't you know it... my little baby is the baby of her team.  She happens to be on a team with all 4 year olds.  Evidently several of our 3 year old friends decided not to do it last minute - bummer.  But she seems to be having fun.  I think she'll have fun running around the field and it's great exercise - and she's a cute little mascot.

Oh yeah... and she's super excited that she finally got her uniform!  now she's just like her big sister!

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