Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A brief check-in

Oh my goodness, How has time gotton away from me this summer? 
Oh wait - I know... chasing 2 girls around has pretty much eaten my time away and the blog once again has taken a backseat to "real life".

But I wanted to give you a brief glimpse of our time at the beach with my family.
 We had lots of early mornings....
 Grandma and Granddad had some good beach time keeping their eyes on the grandkids' antics...

 The first couple of days at the beach we couldn't get in the water - the beach was "closed" (double red flags) due to a Tropical storm warning that we were under.... we got some rain, some wind, and LOTS of great waves.

 The tropical storm also changed our beach a bit.... the surf came up so far that it created a great little "lazy river" with a true sand bar island.  So you could go through the little river (see Megan swimming it below) and get to the island.  That sand bar and that little "non waving" area (as Nicole called it) was awesome and gave us LOTS of fun water play.

And that is just the tip of the beach trip.  It's been so long that I had to at least let you know some of what we've up to since we been out of the blogging world for a month.  Hopefully I'll get caught up with some more soon.