Monday, March 31, 2008

From the mind of Megan

So, Uncle Tony - I love my car... but when do I get a big girl convertible?
My Natalie lets me drive around (ok, so we just pretend) and it's so fun. She said it was too cold to put the top down (wimp, my top is always down!) but she did give me a cookie. It was my first girl scout cookie. Shortbread - yum! Now all she needs to do is paint her car red and it'll be cool, just like mine!

And, Daddy.... when do I get to ride the tractor around the yard? You look like you are having fun out there....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My baby is back!

So for the past week I've been wondering - where is my baby? Because my sweet natured, delightful, smiling, laughing little girl went missing and in her place we found a very very frustrated, temper-tantrum, crying, demanding baby. OH MY! On Friday I finally proclaimed to Tom - I actually hope this is because Megan feels bad, because if this is her new "I'm a big 1 year old, hear me roar" personality - I'm going to have to go back to work.

Here's what my sick little baby looks like....
Here's the temper tantrum baby.... (she's throwing herself on the floor because I'm not holding her)
Just a funny "give me what I want and nobody gets hurt" kinda photo... Here's the "seriously, your really ticking me off" look - You can tell she doesn't feel good - note the grumpy look and non-sparkling eyes. This was pretty much Megan's demeanor all week - it was a long week!
Thank goodness, her antibiotics seemed to have cleared up that horrible ear infection (and another molar finally broke through) because today she was back to herself. I have missed her soooo much!
Here's to a new week and hopefully one in which Megan is feeling MUCH MUCH better. She's slept through the night the past 2 nights so I think we are over the "I don't feel good" hump. I know there are probably many more to come in her life and I soak in all the time to cuddle with her - but the 4am-5:15am shift, gets a little tiring. :^) So here's to sleeping through the night again!

PS - Uncle Dan.... Hope you are feeling better!

Pray for Tricia

For anyone who's been keeping up with Tricia, Nate and baby Gwyneth at Confessions of a CF Husband (see the link in my must read blogs) - keep the prayers coming. Tricia may be getting a new set of lungs tonight or in the morning!!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Brushy Brushy

Now that we have teeth - we must brush. I have one of those cute little finger brushes (you put it on your finger, stick your finger in the mouth and brush away).... yeah, you thinking what I'm thinking??? OUCH! It was great when Megan was getting her first tooth or two. But now that she's got 5 extremely sharp teeth, 1 molar, and 3 more teeth about to break though - my fingers are staying as far away from those teeth as possible. She's already almost drawn blood with me poking around trying to see if the new teeth are in yet...

So out comes the cute little toothbrush. some days she loves it! Mommy gets a brushing turn, then Megan gets a turn. She likes her turn better!
Other days - not so much love for the brushing of the teeth.... So then I have to pull out my bag of teacher tricks. One of the things that most early elementary school teachers are known for is our repertoire of songs. Yes, it's true - I pretty much know a song for about anything - water cycle, days of the week, order of the planets, parts of an insect, layers of the rain forest... It may take me a minute, but I can usually pull one out from the recesses of my memory (or make it up on the spot - like you'd know - not like they are on the pop charts or anything).

So when brushing is tough we sing... Here is my favorite:

brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
I'm a little plaque you see,
on your teeth is where I'll be,
If you don't brush me away,
I'll become a cavity,
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
(I can't begin to tell you the tune - I'll just have to sing it one day)

(look ma, no hands)

And if you get tired of that song... you can sing...

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
brush them everyday
brush, brush, brush your teeth
brush them every way.

(that's to the tune of row, row, row your boat)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great Moms Walk

As many of you know, this past year I was fortunate enough to get involved in a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. It's been wonderful to get to know some other moms and hear the stories of what is to come for Megan and I. I feel like I'm all read up on babies... but I haven't thought about the toddler years - and they are now breathing down my neck. Being a part of MOPS has been a wonderful outlet for both Megan and I.

Every couple of years, our MOPS group conducts a fundraiser through the international MOPS organization. This year we will be participating in the Great Moms Walk at Wills Park in Alpharetta. We are currently working to raise money and getting sponsors.

I would love for you to join with me in donating to the MOPS program so that this same blessing can be available for others. Please check out my personal fundraising webpage and consider donating.
Thanks so much!

The checkup...

We had our "ear check-up" today....

The good news: The fever and tummy issues (and lack of appetite) aren't a great concern and it's probably not a virus or anything.

The bad news: It's probably all caused by the continuing raging infection in Megan's right ear. :^( so sad - it took everything I had in me to not cry. So we are starting our 2nd antibiotic. IF it doesn't clear up within the next 2 weeks... then we move on to an antibiotic shots. OUCH! And, if there is any signs of anything out of sorts we are headed to the ENT. So far Megan hasn't really been a candidate for tubes for a variety of reasons - even though she's had like 8 ear infections. BUT, if this infection doesn't clear up, we have to figure out why. I just hate that she's still hurting and want it to stop!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys...

Megan proved herself to be a bonafide Party Girl this weekend. We had 2 back to back parties for her buddies who were turning one. She's the older woman of that pack. It was the most beautiful day. Nate hosted an egg hunt for his party - it was a perfect day to be outside.

Here is the birthday boy looking for his stash of eggs.
Megan was eager to get in on the fun! This was her first official egg hunt!
Since it was outside, they had out lots of outdoor toys and Megan was in heaven. She got to push some big kid tricycles and big wheels around, swing a bit, and just crawl around in the dirt.
Here's what I can the "look of glee" as Daddy helped her to sit on a little tricycle. She loved it!!Ann is an amazing mom (You go girl!) and she made Nate's big birthday cake and his little cake.Nate loves Cookie Monster so his little cake was perfect! (OK Ann, I know I'm creative in some things but you have to help me get in touch with my creative baking side).And lets just say... he made sure his mom knew that he appreciated all the time and effort she went into making the cake. We all left, pretty darn sure that Nate liked the cake. Afterwards he was pretty much hosed down - good thing it was outside and a nice day!
After Nate's party, we hightailed it across town to Megan's other little boyfriend's house - Cole. Cole and Megan are in the nursery together at church. On the way over, Megan took a nap in the car so that she was ready to party and entertain at Cole's birthday party.

Here's Megan with the birthday boy.Cole had the coolest cake - he had a pooh bear themed party and the yummy bear cake was a huge hit.Now, I will say that Cole had the total opposite reaction to the cake from our first party. He really wanted nothing to do with it. His mom, Lisa, did everything imaginable to get him interested in tasting that cake (you rock Lisa!). I really thought putting the cheerios in it would be the enticement he needed - but Cole was so precise in picking out the cheerios and getting all the icing off before he'd eat them. Talk about skill!It was a great party day - and we want to send out ongoing birthday wishes for both Nate and Cole! Awesome parties guys (and moms and dads).

We are glad that we were able to be there to celebrate with the boys. Now Megan is a bit under the weather - I'm hoping she's on the upswing. Yesterday was a rough and she had a fever all day and some poopy diaper issues. Today the fever has gone down and she's sleeping well now for her nap. Thankfully tomorrow we go back to the Dr. for our ear check, so we'll make sure she's okay. We did miss our swimming lesson today (Amy, I hope you got my email saying we wouldn't be there) but hopefully a few days of rest will get her back on her feet and fever free.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter has such a new meaning to me now that I'm a mom. The Easter story has been a reality in my life for a long time. But something about watching your own child grow, get hurt, learn, explore... the reality of God watching/allowing His Son to endure the cross so that we may have eternal life.... It's sobering. Each day that I watch Megan, I am more and more humbled by Christ's sacrifice. So to everyone out there - may the joy of the promise of the resurrection reign in your lives!

Easter is always a special time to get together with family and friends. Last year, Tom's parents were here with us from MN - they were getting to meet their granddaughter for the first time. Here was Megan at her first Easter - April 2007.

That was then..... This is now.

Today, a year later - she was on the go and unstoppable (and stinkin cute). She loved hunting eggs. She actually got practice at one of the birthday parties she went to this weekend (that will be another post later this week), so she knew just what to do with the eggs...

After Daddy helped her find some eggs, she was the best egg shaker (and gnawer) out there. Have I mentioned that she got a molar.... wacky - 5 teeth and a molar... But she's working on a couple more teeth so the eggs were great to chew on! Megan had a great time with her cousins - Anna, Daniel, and Justin. She's got some great teachers out there because my nephews and niece can find all the eggs!
Megan was being super cute and wanted to show Justin where his eyes, nose, hair, and ears were. Grandma was there to supervise and make sure that she was gentle in her anatomy lesson.
Or... was it just a ploy to get close to all of his eggs????? Here's the other "kids" - my brother Kevin, his wife Kelly and Daniel, Justin and Anna with their Gram Anne. (my parents aren't pictured - but they were there keeping all us big and little kids in line).
It was a wonderful Easter. After all the egg hunting was done, we got comfy and had some good family time - also known as eating. :^) My friend Natalie came over (who is family) and got Megan giggling and having a great time.

Natalie has the magic touch to get Megan to grin like this.

Megan's 2nd Easter was so much fun - Many, many memories were made!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Megan Moments

Things that make me laugh (and hopefully will at least arouse a smile in you)...

I wish they sold lids in packs for me to buy... lids and straws are the ultimate in car toys.
It all began with the little convertible... then a ride up the driveway in Daddy's lap... I can already hear the plea, "Daddy, pleeeease can I have a car?????"
MMMMMMMMMMM.... Cooooooookies!
Gerber makes the best toddler cinnamon graham animal cookies -they literally melt in your mouth (yes, it can get as messy as it sounds).
Sure you could use your hands to hold your cup... but why?

A sweet sight

Nothing to really say today - I just wanted to share one of my favorite sights of the week...

I keep hoping to get some videos posted but never seem to find the time to do it. They are all still on the camera - maybe this weekend I'll squeak out a little time to upload them. However, we have 2 "First" birthday parties to go to on Saturday and then Sunday is Easter and my family is coming over for our annual Easter cookout/egg hunt. So it may not happen....
At any rate - Happy Easter!
He is Risen.... He is Risen INDEED!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daddy's girl

Megan loves her daddy!!!!!

Today, Tom was working from home and on a business call... Megan was so upset that I shut the door to our home office that she threw one heck of a tantrum. No matter where I took her in the house and what I tried to get her interested in - she crawled right back to the door, stood up and banged on the door while crying hysterically. She wanted her Daddy. As frustrating as it was (dealing with her tantrum), it also warms my heart to see how much she loves Daddy.

Uncle Tony, this is what we were doing yesterday when you called...
Megan has learned that when we get in the car we go "zzzooooooommmmmm!" She's gotton that down pat, only her version comes out as "ppphhhtttttooooo" - very juicy - just don't be in her face when she starts zooming...
Note the extremely curly hair. We went swimming yesterday and I gave her a shower at the pool and her hair curled up like never before. It was so cute, I just left every little curl in place. Here she is on the way home from the pool - totally exhausted and sporting her shirley temple curls.

Monday, March 17, 2008

All things fun

Today we had another excursion back to Jeronimo Jumps. It was a lot of fun. Megan loved climbing on the soft shapes and had a great time playing peek a boo. She got to hang with her friend Will and Nate.

Megan likes to make sure everyone knows where their eyes, nose, mouth and ears are. Unfortunately for Will she really likes to point out all his facial features. We also got to celebrate with Will because he started crawling on Sunday. He showed off his suave moves - Megan was quite impressed!
Go, Will Go!

We left about Megan's naptime. So what do you do to keep a sleepy little girl awake for the ride home????

It's amazing what a lid and straw can do for a child in a car seat. Who needs toys when you have lids with great finger poking holes in them!!!!

After our nap this afternoon (and Megan did make it home without falling asleep - barely, but she made it), we went for a stroll. And I did the one thing that I said I wouldn't do...

It started off yesterday when my neighbor, Mandy, did it with her baby - and let Megan participate a bit. And I thought - wow, that is great - and she loved it and it made our walk/outing even more enjoyable than ever (and they are always fun!).

Are you wondering what it is????

Yeah - I gave her snacks in the stroller. I've always been paranoid that she'd choke - but you know what - she was so entertained trying to pick up cheerios while we walked. She chattered even more than normal. I think for Megan it was like having popcorn at a movie. Now I will still hold to the "no messy snacks" in the stroller - but cheerios and freeze dried fruit - I think I'll keep a stash handy for our walks.

And then there was our trip to the swings..... Megan had a great time (although in the picture she just looks tired) - but I'm thinking ---"yep, she's definitely working on some new teeth." I think this confirms that idea....
So, I do wipe that sucker down with several antibacterial wipes before she goes in it... but as I'm snapping the picture, I'm thinking....."huuummm.. wonder if there is lead on there? I'm sure rust can't be that good for you either. huuuummmm???" So we cut that swing trip short and headed home with more snacks to munch on (I'm thinking cheerios might taste better than the swing anyway). After all, to Megan, I'm sure the world does sometimes seem like a huge IMAX theater.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend...
On Friday we were eagerly waiting for Tom to get home from a business trip. Megan and I kept our selves occupied. She's learning to put shapes in her shape sorter. Note the look of intense concentration...Well, Tom had been gone all week and right as he was scheduled to arrive - I was hearing news that we were under a tornado warning.... I'm thinking - great, home alone, Megan's in bed, and we're under a tornado warning. I tuned in to the TV to hear that it really wasn't anywhere near us - it was in downtown Atlanta... Right where Tom would be about the time he was headed home from the airport. A small blessing is that his flight was delayed and I was able to tell him to not rush because he'd be driving in Atlanta right as the tornado was predicted to hit. So he missed it - but was not far behind it and saw a lot of the aftermath of debris and all the flashing lights in Atlanta. Wild.

Then on Saturday, we were waiting for the next line of storms to hit. We spent much of the day trying to figure out if the tornado's were actually coming our way. Thankfully the bad storms either went a few miles to the north or to the south of us. The weather was so bizarre that one minute it would be storming, and the next the sun would be shining. We actually sat outside during a couple of the bands because it was so nice. Here's Megan as she's begging to go back outside (she's an outdoor girl).

(Note the big red splotch on her pants.... she tried strawberries for the first time. She ate a couple but didn't love them. I never realized how juicy strawberries can be. Evidently one slipped out of her mouth/hand and fell on her chair... and then she sat on it for the rest of the meal.)

Sunday's are hard days for Megan. She's got a great 2 nap a day schedule and unfortunately Sunday school falls in the middle of her morning nap. If I'm really lucky, I can get her to fall asleep on the way to church (Tom has to be there early) and then I can sit in the car with her so that she gets at least a 30 minute nap in. But with her car seat turned around now, it's not working so well. After church, we go out to eat to keep her awake until her 2pm nap (and she's starving at that point). Then she collapses on the way home. I've gotten really good at getting her out of her car seat without waking her up.
This afternoon it was in the upper 60's so we went for a family walk to the swing set at the front of our neighborhood. Megan loves it!
On the way up there, we ran into our next door neighbors who had the same idea. Megan and Cooper (He's 2 months younger) got to go "swingin".
The adults were all in on the fun as well... Mandell and Hunter were flying high (with a little help from their mom and dad), while Cooper and Megan were happy to gently swing and watch the big kids.

Could you call this "parking?"The other big event from the weekend was that Megan has conquered the straw sippy cup! YIPEE! She's got it down pat. After our walk, she slurped up almost a full glass of water. No wonder she wasn't all that hungry for dinner. And she's proud of herself. Occasionally she get super excited and pulls her mouth off and water goes shooting out (usually straight at me), but it's a small price to pay for her to be able to use straws.I'll post some more fun pictures tomorrow. It was such a beautiful day, we spent most of our "non nap time" outside.