Friday, March 28, 2008

Brushy Brushy

Now that we have teeth - we must brush. I have one of those cute little finger brushes (you put it on your finger, stick your finger in the mouth and brush away).... yeah, you thinking what I'm thinking??? OUCH! It was great when Megan was getting her first tooth or two. But now that she's got 5 extremely sharp teeth, 1 molar, and 3 more teeth about to break though - my fingers are staying as far away from those teeth as possible. She's already almost drawn blood with me poking around trying to see if the new teeth are in yet...

So out comes the cute little toothbrush. some days she loves it! Mommy gets a brushing turn, then Megan gets a turn. She likes her turn better!
Other days - not so much love for the brushing of the teeth.... So then I have to pull out my bag of teacher tricks. One of the things that most early elementary school teachers are known for is our repertoire of songs. Yes, it's true - I pretty much know a song for about anything - water cycle, days of the week, order of the planets, parts of an insect, layers of the rain forest... It may take me a minute, but I can usually pull one out from the recesses of my memory (or make it up on the spot - like you'd know - not like they are on the pop charts or anything).

So when brushing is tough we sing... Here is my favorite:

brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
I'm a little plaque you see,
on your teeth is where I'll be,
If you don't brush me away,
I'll become a cavity,
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
brush, brush, wiggle, wiggle, brush, brush.
(I can't begin to tell you the tune - I'll just have to sing it one day)

(look ma, no hands)

And if you get tired of that song... you can sing...

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
brush them everyday
brush, brush, brush your teeth
brush them every way.

(that's to the tune of row, row, row your boat)

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Sandy P said...

I just let Macie walk around with a tooth brush and figure they get clean enough. What she really likes to do it get Jeff's toothbrush out of his drawer and walk around with it!

By the way, after your spoon post, I have been giving Macie a spoon with her meals (when I think about it). She really seems to like it and know what she is doing.