Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter has such a new meaning to me now that I'm a mom. The Easter story has been a reality in my life for a long time. But something about watching your own child grow, get hurt, learn, explore... the reality of God watching/allowing His Son to endure the cross so that we may have eternal life.... It's sobering. Each day that I watch Megan, I am more and more humbled by Christ's sacrifice. So to everyone out there - may the joy of the promise of the resurrection reign in your lives!

Easter is always a special time to get together with family and friends. Last year, Tom's parents were here with us from MN - they were getting to meet their granddaughter for the first time. Here was Megan at her first Easter - April 2007.

That was then..... This is now.

Today, a year later - she was on the go and unstoppable (and stinkin cute). She loved hunting eggs. She actually got practice at one of the birthday parties she went to this weekend (that will be another post later this week), so she knew just what to do with the eggs...

After Daddy helped her find some eggs, she was the best egg shaker (and gnawer) out there. Have I mentioned that she got a molar.... wacky - 5 teeth and a molar... But she's working on a couple more teeth so the eggs were great to chew on! Megan had a great time with her cousins - Anna, Daniel, and Justin. She's got some great teachers out there because my nephews and niece can find all the eggs!
Megan was being super cute and wanted to show Justin where his eyes, nose, hair, and ears were. Grandma was there to supervise and make sure that she was gentle in her anatomy lesson.
Or... was it just a ploy to get close to all of his eggs????? Here's the other "kids" - my brother Kevin, his wife Kelly and Daniel, Justin and Anna with their Gram Anne. (my parents aren't pictured - but they were there keeping all us big and little kids in line).
It was a wonderful Easter. After all the egg hunting was done, we got comfy and had some good family time - also known as eating. :^) My friend Natalie came over (who is family) and got Megan giggling and having a great time.

Natalie has the magic touch to get Megan to grin like this.

Megan's 2nd Easter was so much fun - Many, many memories were made!

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hmferrero said...

That is weird about the molar coming in before her other teeth. Although I don't know what is normal in that area, so maybe it's not weird.

I can see Jacob's 8th tooth just about to pop out - maybe by tomorrow.