Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend...
On Friday we were eagerly waiting for Tom to get home from a business trip. Megan and I kept our selves occupied. She's learning to put shapes in her shape sorter. Note the look of intense concentration...Well, Tom had been gone all week and right as he was scheduled to arrive - I was hearing news that we were under a tornado warning.... I'm thinking - great, home alone, Megan's in bed, and we're under a tornado warning. I tuned in to the TV to hear that it really wasn't anywhere near us - it was in downtown Atlanta... Right where Tom would be about the time he was headed home from the airport. A small blessing is that his flight was delayed and I was able to tell him to not rush because he'd be driving in Atlanta right as the tornado was predicted to hit. So he missed it - but was not far behind it and saw a lot of the aftermath of debris and all the flashing lights in Atlanta. Wild.

Then on Saturday, we were waiting for the next line of storms to hit. We spent much of the day trying to figure out if the tornado's were actually coming our way. Thankfully the bad storms either went a few miles to the north or to the south of us. The weather was so bizarre that one minute it would be storming, and the next the sun would be shining. We actually sat outside during a couple of the bands because it was so nice. Here's Megan as she's begging to go back outside (she's an outdoor girl).

(Note the big red splotch on her pants.... she tried strawberries for the first time. She ate a couple but didn't love them. I never realized how juicy strawberries can be. Evidently one slipped out of her mouth/hand and fell on her chair... and then she sat on it for the rest of the meal.)

Sunday's are hard days for Megan. She's got a great 2 nap a day schedule and unfortunately Sunday school falls in the middle of her morning nap. If I'm really lucky, I can get her to fall asleep on the way to church (Tom has to be there early) and then I can sit in the car with her so that she gets at least a 30 minute nap in. But with her car seat turned around now, it's not working so well. After church, we go out to eat to keep her awake until her 2pm nap (and she's starving at that point). Then she collapses on the way home. I've gotten really good at getting her out of her car seat without waking her up.
This afternoon it was in the upper 60's so we went for a family walk to the swing set at the front of our neighborhood. Megan loves it!
On the way up there, we ran into our next door neighbors who had the same idea. Megan and Cooper (He's 2 months younger) got to go "swingin".
The adults were all in on the fun as well... Mandell and Hunter were flying high (with a little help from their mom and dad), while Cooper and Megan were happy to gently swing and watch the big kids.

Could you call this "parking?"The other big event from the weekend was that Megan has conquered the straw sippy cup! YIPEE! She's got it down pat. After our walk, she slurped up almost a full glass of water. No wonder she wasn't all that hungry for dinner. And she's proud of herself. Occasionally she get super excited and pulls her mouth off and water goes shooting out (usually straight at me), but it's a small price to pay for her to be able to use straws.I'll post some more fun pictures tomorrow. It was such a beautiful day, we spent most of our "non nap time" outside.

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