Tuesday, April 30, 2013


April was a busy month!

It's hard to believe it's over.  So here are some of our fun moments of the month...
 My pretty girls - getting all dolled up for Church.  Megan's blue dress was super special to her - it was a birthday present from her friend Colton.

With Megan at school - Nicole gets a bit lonely without her playmate.  So we try to have lots of fun outings!  Like a date afternoon at Krispy Kreme!

 And the zoo with friends...
 And it's a super fun day when we get to go have lunch with Megan at school (which is almost every week)...

When the whole family gets to go, it's a really, really awesome outing!

 And the joy when her big sister gets home from school.....
 And when it's Megan's homework time - Nicole wants to join in on the big girl responsibilities too!
 And with all that hard work - you have to celebrate with field day!!!!!
 I love our school and all the opportunities I have to be there - to support the school and to support my sweet girl!
 And then there is the little tyke....  Wow how she is growing!
 We had a few firsts in April....
Megan ate her first hamburger!
 And Nicole realized she loves toast!

 We had our first great day to run and play with all the cousins!
 Then to end off April of 2013, we topped it off with Curriculum Celebration at Megan's school.  What a fun outing - Megan was so excited to show off her first bound book - yep, she's an author!  I LOVE this project the school oversees.... Every child publishes a book (hardbound) every year - so you have a beautiful remembrance from each year - and you can literally watch them grow as authors.  In Kindergarten, the stories are dictated and typed in, then the kids illustrate them.  I helped bind them for our class - but worked hard to NOT see Megan's - I really wanted it to be a surprise for me!  So special!!!!!

 We also got to check out their class Science Fair Project. FYI - Bounty paper towels are the most absorbent/strongest (of Bounty, Kroger, Walmart, and the schools).
 We also got to purchase a piece of her artwork (oops - no picture of that one).

Then to bring the month to a rousing close... we girls headed off to dinner tonight.  Tom's out of town until tomorrow so we had to celebrate all of the girls accomplishments and just wish he were with us.
So as I get ready to head off to bed...
Happy Early May Day!!