Monday, October 31, 2011


Since the weekend, we had a bit of a costume change for Nicole.  She went from a Ballerina at Grandma and Grandads on Saturday to a stinkin cute Cowgirl tonight.  I actually had been looking for a pink cowgirl outfit (to go with the hot pink cowboy boots she has that she LOVES to wear), but haven't been able to find one - till today! 
So ta-da.... 

My cowgirl....
 We started off our Halloween festivities with a little party with some neighbors.  The girls loved playing in the backyard while waiting for it to be time to trick-or-treat.

 Finally, it was dark enough and we were off!!!!!!
 Nicole started out on foot, and ended up in our wagon.
Megan got a prime seat on the "trick-or-treat tractor"....  (see her in her hot pink jacket in the middle)
 Nicole thought the big kids were a bit scary.  All these kids running around in wierd outfits, screaming and running for their lives - or after candy... it's all a matter of prespective really.  But the arms of Daddy are awfully safe!
 Nicole went to only a fraction of the houses that Megan went to... but somehow came away with the same amount of candy.  She we usually the last one to the door and she walked up in her cute pink books and batted her eyelashes and said, "tick o teet"... oh, it was like watching butter melt.  I think every house doubled her candy.  Especially when she sat down, opened her pumpkin purse and said, "tank que."  I mean I melted.... every time! 

Megan was one of the youngest on the tractor - but she kept up with those big kids runningn from house to tractor to house to tractor, etc... 
 By the time she got home, she was exhausted.  At the last house she took a nose dive down a hill.  They had dogs and she told Tom, "I was a little distracted by the dogs"....  My sweet little Ballerina.  Sadly, the dog claimed a few pieces of candy (they were sweet dogs, just big).
Happy Halloween from the Blaisdell's!

Getting Ready...

Mommy..... we have to get the Jack-o-lantern ready......
 Mommy..... I got the candle!
 Come here Nicole, I'll put it in for you - it goes just like this!  Next year you can do it....
 OK, now when we go trick-or-treating, you get to ride in the wagon.  It'll be so much fun!!!!  But you have to stay on your bottom until mommy gets you out.  I'll be on the tractor but I'll wait for you, Ok!
 See... it'll be fun!  Come on, we have to go get dressed!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Trick-or-Treat preview

This weekend we went on a trick-or-treat trip to Grandma and Granddad's house!  The girls had a lot of fun putting on their costumes and surprising their grandparents... but they actually got a surprise too!
 The girls were shocked to see Grandma and Grandad getting into the Halloween groove and dressing up themselves.  Megan recovered and thought it was pretty funny.  Nicole - it took her awhile to get over the change.

 Those crazy grandparents....
 It is always fun to see all the cousins dressed up.

Happy pre-Halloween!
Stay safe and have fun!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Finally.... we got to carving our pumpkin tonight.  The girls helped me come up with the perfect look for our sweet Jack-o-lantern.
 Megan was a great helper!  I barely had to get any pumpkin goop out... Megan did it all.  Even though the start got off to a bit of a rocky start...
 Once she got over the smell, she was all about de-gunking it!  Nicole however, she didn't want anything to do with the innards of that pumpkin!
 Megan tried to involve her little sister, but she said - No Way!!!!

 Once he was all ready, we enjoyed the fruit of our labor!

Now we are ready for Halloween night!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Field Trip to the Dairy

This week Megan's pre-k class took a field trip to the farm - A non-working dairy to be exact.  It's funny because I've been on this field trip before, when I was in charge of a class of 25 1st graders and it was a working dairy then.  This was much more laid back and fun for me!
 Megan and her friend Sydney hung out a lot on this trip - they just crack me up.

 Megan loved to see all the baby animals!  She said her favorite parts were feeding the baby goats, and cows, and sheep....

 Even though it's not a working Dairy, the family owned farm still has a little program to explain the process of milking and a little museum of the history of the farm.  All the kids got to stick their thumbs into the milking apparatus.   Megan said, "that was totally freaky!"
 Here is her sweet little class with her teachers Ms. Julie (in black) and Ms. Kathy (in red).
 Megan wasn't overly excited with the hay ride.
 Until the cows came a'visiting....

 And to wrap up the trip, the kids got LOTS of energy out on the jumping pillow!

 And a sweet pumpkin to take home

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week in Review

It's been a little tricky to get to the blog this week - so here's our week in review...

Megan went to her first pre-school story time at the library. While she was with the librarian, Nicole and I checked out the rest of the library.
 My little reader... she loved having all those books at her fingertips.  Of course, I spent a LOT of time chasing her down to keep her from taking all the books off the shelves.
 We also went to IHOP for a day of free kids meals.  It's a family favorite!  Megan finished her omlet before I had even taken a bite of my food.  so then Megan helped me out by blowing on my plate of powdered sugar....
 Let's just say it backfired on her a bit.  So Nicole explained, "No Megan, it's not for your nose, it's for my french toast!"
 One of my favorite shots of the week:
Titled:  Megan sleeping soundly!
 Oh yeah... she'll NEVER be allowed to sleep on a top bunk!  Ever!

And the highlight of my week.....
Finally figuring out how to braid Megan's curly locks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8 Years

8 year ago a new chapter of life began...
And not a day has gone by that I have not counted my blessings!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Oh my sweet and beautiful girls....
 Some beautiful fall days have given us some wonderful outdoor playtime.