Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Riding at the Park

With some wonderful weather this time of year, we are spending lots of time at various parks.  Megan will tell you her favorits is the "bike park" - so she can take her bike and ride around the loop. Megan is still loving her bike - but we have to figure out how to repair one of the wheels - she's a trooper.  I took these pictures without knowing she was riding on a completely flat back tire. 
Thankfully we have a portable air compressor in the car so we got it pumped back up so she could keep on trucking.

 Nicole liked chasing her in her little car, or on foot.....
 Once everyone was sufficiently tired - we parked the bikes and let them have a go on the playground.

 Megan was so excited that she she's grown since our last trip to this park, she can now reach all the handholds on the climbing wall - all by herself.
It's always a fun day at the park!

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