Friday, October 7, 2011

23 Months

How can it be... officially the last "month" birthday.  In just one more month, my sweet BABY will be 2!!!!!!  But she's not there yet, and I'll hold on to every sweet little baby moment I can get!
 Nicole is such a curious little girl - she wants to be in on everything - just to figure out what it is.  She is her big sister's shadow and it's very very hard to get her to understand that she's not 4.  If Megan does it, she thinks she can too!  I thought that my firstborn gave me a clear look at "fear" - as I watched her climb up ladders, go down big slides, hang from monkey bars, try to climb trees.... Oh no - That was merely an appetizer for Nicole's antics.  Every trip to the park gives me a moment of complete fear and my heart skipping beats with visions of trips to the ER dancing in my head.  This girl is FEARLESS!

On one hand, fearless is good.... I pray that she'll be fearless in her faith, fearless to try new things, fearless of what others think and will choose the Godly path in life.  But right here and now, fearless is bringing me to a renewed prayer life... mostly for her safety.  :^)
I sure do love my girls!  What a rich blessing the Lord has given to us!  Happy 23rd month baby!

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