Friday, October 21, 2011

Week in Review

It's been a little tricky to get to the blog this week - so here's our week in review...

Megan went to her first pre-school story time at the library. While she was with the librarian, Nicole and I checked out the rest of the library.
 My little reader... she loved having all those books at her fingertips.  Of course, I spent a LOT of time chasing her down to keep her from taking all the books off the shelves.
 We also went to IHOP for a day of free kids meals.  It's a family favorite!  Megan finished her omlet before I had even taken a bite of my food.  so then Megan helped me out by blowing on my plate of powdered sugar....
 Let's just say it backfired on her a bit.  So Nicole explained, "No Megan, it's not for your nose, it's for my french toast!"
 One of my favorite shots of the week:
Titled:  Megan sleeping soundly!
 Oh yeah... she'll NEVER be allowed to sleep on a top bunk!  Ever!

And the highlight of my week.....
Finally figuring out how to braid Megan's curly locks.

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