Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

I don't know about you....
but over here - we are WAY into the spirit of Christmas!

Today at our church, we had the annual Nativity pictures.  Megan has been waiting all year to be Mary.  And try as I might to convince Nicole to be an angel, she'd have none of it... she wanted to be Joseph!  How cute is that Holy Family....


Last weekend, we joined up with some of our life group and the youth from our church and went Christmas Caroling in our historic downtown area.  The girls had sooo much fun!

Last week, Nicole had breakfast with Santa at her preschool.  She was so excited to see Santa...and she liked him - right up until it as her turn to get close.  She didn't cry and didn't run away - she was just not wanting Daddy to leave her side.  She kept a hand on him at all times!
 Tom and I got a little nostalgic, this was our first Breakfast with Santa without Megan.  It was just odd to not have our whole family there.  BUT, Nicole felt like she came into her own - her own breakfast with her little friends!
And of course, the girls started off the holiday season by helping to decorate the house.
Each year we give the girls a special ornament, and we have the best time putting their ornaments on and talking about why they are special. 


And it can't be Christmas without COOOOOKIES!

But.... one of the most fun outings we've had so far this Christmas was the Walk Through Bethleham last night.  Oh my goodness, I've been to several - but this on was by far the best I've seen.  It was a town and the people were amazing.  The girls were a little overwhelmed at first, and honestly they were terrified by the Roman soldiers, but all the shopkeepers helped to get them involved. 
 We learned about different grains and making bread, got a lesson in weaving.....
Got to work with some leather....
And tried out some perfumes and camel oil....
Of course, the living nativity was the highlight!

 It was amazing.  The girls really wanted to stay longer and can't wait to go back next year!