Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the answer is....

Pink, pink and more pink!

Without a doubt, this little one is a sweet baby girl. She was extremely active and jumping all over the place. Thankfully, she was very cooperative in letting everyone know she's a girl ---- however, very uncooperative with everything else. Everything looked good - at least it did until she flipped over, flung her hands up, covered up her face, turned every which way, etc... Fiesty little thing!

But that means I get to go back for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks. Megan did the same thing which required me to have like 4 more ultrasounds. So this one seems to be just as fiesty as Megan was at this stage. :^) Huummmmm - a little sample of what is to come perhaps.

So - no cute little profile of Baby girl since she put her hands up and started her game of peek-a-boo, but perhaps in 2 weeks when we get to go see her again, she'll be a little less shy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a few hours till we know....

We are anticipating a fun surprise tomorrow....
Little does Megan know that she's about to find out if she'll be a big sister to a little boy or girl. It must be wonderful to be so oblivious! Will I be breaking out Megan's old clothes and resorting by sizes (since this baby will be the oposite seasons) or starting my hunt for baby boy clothes? Oh the anticipation...

I just had to post this picture of her long curly locks. I just love them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

So.... In lieu of a card, Megan gave Daddy a singing tellegram.


Unfortunately I only got part of her Birthday Song Solo on film. Megan had been practicing all day (without any prompting by me) to the point that someone at the pool asked, "who's birthday is it?" Very sweet.

So Tom - Happy Birthday! We love you!!!!! Thanks for being the best Dad and husband, every year with you is a blessing!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Water Fun with a Friend

Earlier this week we had a little playdate with my friend Ann and her son Nate. It's always fun to see them together because they are the same age (give or take a couple of weeks) and both like to be very "active." With the heat index at or above 100 every day this week, Ann pulled out her water table and some sand toys. After it was apparent that the kids were already drenched from the water table, Ann pulled out a fun little sprinkler (now that water restrictions have eased up).
They kiddos weren't sure what to make of it at first - but they quickly found out how much fun a sprinkler could be - and all the ways you could use it....

Catch the water in bottles (which means chasing the turning fountain)...

Trying to jump over it - or just catch the water.....

And of course - it does look like a seriously fun drinking fountain...

We had so much fun - now I'm on the lookout for a fun sprinkler to use at our house on those days when I just don't feel like braving the pool.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The sweetest thing!

This past weekend Megan had a dog sitting job. Her dog sitting (and fish sitting) jobs are great because it lets Megan have lots of doggie time without us having to get a dog. Tom had taken Megan over to let the Bailey out, and to play with her in the backyard a little bit. I look out my kitchen window and see the sweetest thing.... I have to say, it warms my heart to see my two darlings having so much fun together!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mini Meet

Last week we headed over to support Megan's cousin Anna in a little swim team mini-meet. The 5 year olds have a little "mini meet" to get them used to the swim meet environment. There are several teenagers from the swim team who help the little ones get across the pool. Here's Anna's cheering section...
It was so cute to see Megan so excited to see Anna swim. In every race Megan would yell, "Go Nanna" (obviously her "anna" comes out as "nanna") - even when Anna wasn't in the water. She couldn't really tell them swimmers apart so she cheered for Anna the whole time.

She was a champ in the freestyle and even mustered up the courage to go for it with the backstroke.

After the meet, all the kids had fun in the water! Megan thought it was about time - she was struggling to understand why she couldn't get in with Anna.

Megan loves her cousins!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Time!

To say that Megan loves the pool is really an understatement! She's a little waterbug! Look at that grin on her face. That little grin is there from the moment she sees the pool till the time we are headed home. We attempted our first visit on Sunday but it was closed due to "contamination" (see my previous post on the pool), but since then we've been everyday.
I can tell we will be spending A LOT of time there this summer... probably every day! Not only does she love it - but it's nice and refreshing to be cool for a change and feel weightless. This being pregnant in the summer... oh my goodness! And I thought I was hot last time - in December.


Today we headed to Gym Camp again! My little girl was all ready to go. Our little camp is just 2 days a week so officially we finished - but I did sign Megan up for 2 more weeks at the end of the summer.
I took a few shots through the window after she'd gone into the class. Ms. June is the main teacher (with 3-4 teenage helpers) and she was spotting Megan on the balance beam.

Then I was spotted....
The only shot I got from her first day of camp was on the way home....
I think she had fun! It definitely wore her out!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pool Etiquette

Warning: Val's soap box for the day and a bit of venting!

Perhaps tomorrow I'll get pictures posted!

So... how random is this: My pool has caused a ruckus... so far today I have received 9 "neighborhood" emails due to a "rule change" at my neighborhood pool. Only - it's not really a rule change. That's what is bizarre to me. It's just that some parents ignored the posted rule and now it's being enforced and that ticks them off - why... because they are inconvenienced.

So - what's the deal...... last year our pool was closed no less than 25 times (for 24 hour periods) due to a child pooping in the pool. Seriously, all summer it was closed at least 1 day a week. You'd think someone would get a clue! Yeah - you know, it's posted that any child 3 and under, and any child not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper AND a plastic/rubber diaper cover under their swimsuit. Well, our pool was open this year for 10 days.... 10 DAYS - and then guess what happened....... poop in the pool. How do I know????? Well Sunday night we took Megan over there for her first dip in the pool - right after they closed it due to "the contamination". UGH. You've got to be kidding me. Perhaps it's the rule follower in me. But for all my parent friends out there - this is the Georgia State Health Code requirement for ALL public pools.

Thankfully our pool reopened at 6pm on Monday and I got to take Megan then - and she loved it. But now parents are in an uproar because our pool is enforcing it's rule. ?????? Maybe it's just me - but since day 1 of being in that pool she's worn a swim diaper and a cover under her bathing suit. So I"m sorry that I have NO sympathy for the parents that are frustrated by their kids being asked to leave the pool for not having on a cover also... but you know what - I pay for my membership and I want to use the pool without having to worry about someone else pooping in it. AND... do you know how much it costs my homeowners assc. everytime they have to call the pool group to come out due to "a contamination" incident.... $350. So if your child is the pooper.... 1st time - a warning, 2nd time - you pay the cleaning fee. You'd think if your child did it once that you'd put them in a stinkin swim diaper..... the pool provides them for free for just this reason.

So - here's to our pool director for standing up and putting his foot down! And may we have our daily visits to the pool ---- poop free!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Few Tears

Oh my.... I just dropped my baby off at her first camp. I was really worried about it because she's been so clingy this morning. She knows 2 other kids in the camp and the instructor is the same instructor we had for our gym class so I was hopefull for a smooth entry. But, this morning she was sooooo clingy and asked, "mommy go to?" and I told her know I wasn't coming that she got to play with her friends and Ms. June - and she cried and cried. BUT - we got to Gym Camp (it's only 2 days) and she just walked right in and never looked back. I was so happy, but then got in the car and have to admit I did get a bit misty eyed realizing that this was just the beginning of our journey to independence.

My baby....
Gone to camp....
WooHoo - 2 hours to get something accomplished!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

1st Krispy Kreme

One of our fun outings last week with Uncle Dan was our annual trip to Krispy Kreme. WooHoo! I DO believe that Krispy Kreme has THE best doughnut out there. And I can't stand to have it tainted with anything on it - I'm a basic old traditional glazed girl.... but Megan wanted Chocolate - so hey - I'm all about exposing her to new things....
Just a little lick of the frosting to make sure it was really something she wanted to eat....
Oh yeah...
That's now on Megan's list of favorite things to do when Uncle Dan comes to town.... the doughnut run!!!!!

Wild Animal Safari

Forgive me now for this long post - but sometimes words just don't do it justice... so thank goodness we can take a hundred or so pictures....
This past week we loaded up the family (and Uncle Dan) and decided to go on a Safari. If you haven't heard about this - it's the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mtn. Ga (near Callaway Gardens). I've wanted to go for awhile because I remember going to one as a kid and thinking it was so cool - and since I'm a big kid at heart - I really wanted to go to see if they are as cool as I remember them being. :^)
We decided on ditching our car and renting a Zebra Minivan for the occasion. I HIGHLY recommend that you either rent a van ($10 total extra) or catch a ride on the big Zebra bus (free with admission). If you have a group - we had 8 total (1 lap rider) a van is fun because you go at your own pace - if it's a smaller group/family - take the bus - 1/2 the fun is watching everyone else's reaction. But once again - I HIGHLY recommend you DON'T take your car in!
Loaded up and ready to go!
You can buy bags of food ($2 a bag - they recommend 1 per person and we agree - or maybe get more...) just save some for the end of the trip as well.
As soon as you get ready to drive into the park - you see what is to come and how up close and personal you get with the animals...

Now seriously - I mean you get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL...

Let me just take a moment to say - the van's don't have back windows - but they have bars so that the animals can't stick their heads in (at least not too far). The front seats have windows but you can keep them rolled up or down (they tell you to not roll them down more than 1/2 way). The buses (you'll see a picture at the end) don't have windows at all - but you are up higher.

(note the crack in the windshield - once again - don't take your own car in).
Along the road - which is 4-5 miles - but takes an hour to drive - there are some animals in cages. Those are the ones that might eat the ones that are out and about.
We saw some really cool things - like a group of Reindeer swimming across a little lake....

And then coming to greet us...

My picture didn't turn out very good - but we even saw a baby deer take it's first steps - that was totally cool. Momma and baby were in the tree line and we stopped and the momma deer nudged the baby up. It was like watching Bambi for real (ok, just the sweet begining when Bambi learns to walk).

And did I mention that the animals were very very friendly??????
Once again - don't take your own car in... unless you are ready to go get it washed afterwards. At the gift shop you can buy a magnet or bumper sticker that says, "I got slobbered on at the Wild Animal Safari" - yeah, they aren't joking...

And then you see this bad boy crossing in front of your van...
And then he comes to visit....

And we got a little bit of a jolt when he rubbed up against the van and the whole thing shook and rocked a bit. Yeah - add that to the list of reasons why not to take your own car in (and did you see the horns on some of those animals.... in case your list isn't long enough).

Megan had to join the guys in the back to see what thier view was like...

And what I really wanted to see.... the giraffes....

We didn't get up close and personal with the giraffes because as we were leaving, a Zebra bus was entering and the giraffes were all into the bus - the one with Giraffe height compatible windows...

The drive through safari was fun -but that's not all... Oh no, now you get to walk through their little zoo.

They actually had some neat exhibits. They have a group of Ligers (Lion/Tiger mix) and lots of animals that I'd never heard of. I saw a "Holy Cow" - the sacred Cow of India... much smaller than I imagined. Lots of type of monkeys, birds, hyena's, tigers, etc... Here's Megan peering into the alligator area - they were up close and just sitting there staring at us.

I didn't include lots of zoo pictures because the drive through part was the best - but I did have to put this beautiful guy in here...

The Peacock had actually seen himself in the door behind him and raised his feathers thinking it was another peacock (kinda funny) - but he gave us a good show.
The Safari is a bit pricey. It's about $18 for adults - kids 2 and under are free. Sometimes you can find coupons for BOBO free, and they have monthly deals. Like on Father's Day, dad's get in free. You definitely want to go early. The park opens at 10 - we got there at about 10:30 - started our safari about 11 - and by the time we finished the drive through at noon, there were tour buses showing up. So we were glad we were early. It is a bit hokey - but I have to say - we had a good time doing something out of the norm.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bye Bye Uncle Dan

This has been a busy busy week for us. Uncle Dan was visiting from MN and we had a great time. Megan had lots to show him and kept us all entertained.

Of course we had lots of trips to the park - she had to show Uncle Dan all her favorites. And of course, Dan had to join in on the fun with the swings....
and slides....
She made sure to give Daddy and Uncle Dan a little lecture about slide safety...

Megan made sure Uncle Dan understood the importance of choosing the correct ride on the Merry-go-round.

We got to take lots of walks....

And at the end of every day - she was plum tuckered out! What's a girl to do when you are having so much fun with your Uncle Dan?

We had a wonderful week and were so sad to send him off to the airport this morning. Megan and I had to have a talk about Uncle Dan leaving because I knew she'd be sad. She handled it well - of course that was with me reminding her that we were going to be seeing him again in a few weeks. And she talked a lot about Uncle Dan riding on an airplane - "far far away." It was very sweet. Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Dan - we loved every minute of it and already miss you!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The family Ballerina

This weekend we had a great time watching my niece, Anna, strut her stuff at her 1st Ballet recital. Oh was it so precious. I have to admit that I cried watching her. It's hard to believe that she's already 5 years old. She was "on the way" when Tom and I got married and I so vividly remember holding her at the hospital. All I can say is - if I can get this emotional over watching Anna grow up - good lord, I'm going to be a basket case with my own children.Here's Anna ready to dance and twirl in her little solo!
She's the 2nd from the left in their little group performance. All the little girls were so darling! It makes me want to get Megan involved. And Megan loved watching her cousin on the stage. All the ballerinas received a special end of the year gift from their teachers - a teddy bear that wore a matching costume.

Megan was just enthralled by all the girls dressed up in the pretty dresses. Here she is with Justin and Anna at the end of the reception.