Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Few Tears

Oh my.... I just dropped my baby off at her first camp. I was really worried about it because she's been so clingy this morning. She knows 2 other kids in the camp and the instructor is the same instructor we had for our gym class so I was hopefull for a smooth entry. But, this morning she was sooooo clingy and asked, "mommy go to?" and I told her know I wasn't coming that she got to play with her friends and Ms. June - and she cried and cried. BUT - we got to Gym Camp (it's only 2 days) and she just walked right in and never looked back. I was so happy, but then got in the car and have to admit I did get a bit misty eyed realizing that this was just the beginning of our journey to independence.

My baby....
Gone to camp....
WooHoo - 2 hours to get something accomplished!!!!!!

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