Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pool Etiquette

Warning: Val's soap box for the day and a bit of venting!

Perhaps tomorrow I'll get pictures posted!

So... how random is this: My pool has caused a ruckus... so far today I have received 9 "neighborhood" emails due to a "rule change" at my neighborhood pool. Only - it's not really a rule change. That's what is bizarre to me. It's just that some parents ignored the posted rule and now it's being enforced and that ticks them off - why... because they are inconvenienced.

So - what's the deal...... last year our pool was closed no less than 25 times (for 24 hour periods) due to a child pooping in the pool. Seriously, all summer it was closed at least 1 day a week. You'd think someone would get a clue! Yeah - you know, it's posted that any child 3 and under, and any child not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper AND a plastic/rubber diaper cover under their swimsuit. Well, our pool was open this year for 10 days.... 10 DAYS - and then guess what happened....... poop in the pool. How do I know????? Well Sunday night we took Megan over there for her first dip in the pool - right after they closed it due to "the contamination". UGH. You've got to be kidding me. Perhaps it's the rule follower in me. But for all my parent friends out there - this is the Georgia State Health Code requirement for ALL public pools.

Thankfully our pool reopened at 6pm on Monday and I got to take Megan then - and she loved it. But now parents are in an uproar because our pool is enforcing it's rule. ?????? Maybe it's just me - but since day 1 of being in that pool she's worn a swim diaper and a cover under her bathing suit. So I"m sorry that I have NO sympathy for the parents that are frustrated by their kids being asked to leave the pool for not having on a cover also... but you know what - I pay for my membership and I want to use the pool without having to worry about someone else pooping in it. AND... do you know how much it costs my homeowners assc. everytime they have to call the pool group to come out due to "a contamination" incident.... $350. So if your child is the pooper.... 1st time - a warning, 2nd time - you pay the cleaning fee. You'd think if your child did it once that you'd put them in a stinkin swim diaper..... the pool provides them for free for just this reason.

So - here's to our pool director for standing up and putting his foot down! And may we have our daily visits to the pool ---- poop free!


Mitzi said...

DOn't worry, you're not the only rule follower or the only one frustrated when you suit up for the pool, get everyone ready and then have to come home due to contamination.

Sandy P said...

We have the same issue. Macie is doing so well, and I still put her in both. I think lots of time the kids doing t are like Macie. People think they are trained, but they don't get out to go.

Did your management put the punishment into practice? We always hear they don't want to have punishment so people will tell them

I gotta go clean up Macie's potty