Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The family Ballerina

This weekend we had a great time watching my niece, Anna, strut her stuff at her 1st Ballet recital. Oh was it so precious. I have to admit that I cried watching her. It's hard to believe that she's already 5 years old. She was "on the way" when Tom and I got married and I so vividly remember holding her at the hospital. All I can say is - if I can get this emotional over watching Anna grow up - good lord, I'm going to be a basket case with my own children.Here's Anna ready to dance and twirl in her little solo!
She's the 2nd from the left in their little group performance. All the little girls were so darling! It makes me want to get Megan involved. And Megan loved watching her cousin on the stage. All the ballerinas received a special end of the year gift from their teachers - a teddy bear that wore a matching costume.

Megan was just enthralled by all the girls dressed up in the pretty dresses. Here she is with Justin and Anna at the end of the reception.

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