Friday, May 28, 2010


We started off our summer with a playdate. Literally, it was the first thing we did.... so much so that we just brought home a playmate home straight from school. Megan's friend Elizabeth came over and the girls had a blast. The last day of school was a water day so since the girls were already dressed we broke out the slip and slide and the water table. Nicole and Tom were watching all the water play from a nice safe distance! After they were offical prunes - they moved on to some other fun activities...

Nicole was really wishing she could join in the fun! By the time Elizabeth's mom got there, the girls were zooming around town making plans for their next outing!
I did promise Nicole that I'd plan some playdates for her too! I can tell, it's going to be a very fun, very full summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Zoo

This weekend, Nicole had her first trip to the zoo. It was a special Members Night - and I have to say it was fun! The animals were great - I've never seen so many animals out. Evening is the best time to go... if only the zoo were normally open in the evening. But the real highlights were the fun special events. They had characters walking around, a Laughing Pizza concert (which we skipped), and a dance party. We ran into some friends and Megan was happy to have Sarah Michelle there to dance with.
She was way into showing off her dance moves!

We had a super fun family night - we even closed the zoo! Officially the zoo closed at 8:30 but I can tell you that the dance party didn't end until 9. Megan was in hog heaven. Daddy was loving dancing with his princess. Mommy was hot and tired from carrying a baby around (Thank you Julianne for letting me borrow your Baby Bjorn with the back support - there's NO way I could carry her without it). And little Nicole was zonked!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Dairy

Yesterday, the girls and I headed out for some fun.

With our friends at the Dairy...

We met up with some mommy friends from my MOPS group....

And we boarded our chariot (AKA tractor pulled hay ride)....
We saw several different farm animals. Thank goodness, because Megan was having a hard time understanding that a dairy farm only has cows.

Nicole was a trooper and even took a nap while on the hay ride.

Megan said her favorite part was getting to feed the calves. Who knew they liked lettuce?!

Look closely and you'll see Megan giving a hearty, "MOO!!!!"

The kids got a demonstration on how they milk cows and even got to explore the milking apparatus.

After the tour we had some great free ice cream, a picnic and then......
Free Time on the JUMPING PILLOW!

Nicole was hitting the bottle while Megan got some more of her energy out. She's a Pepper!



GIGGLE, LAUGH, and have FUN!
Amazing that all that fun is just 11 miles away.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it Mine?

Megan is going to a gym camp a few days this week. I picked her up on Monday and she was walking out eating a box of raisins. I knew that I hadn't packed them in her backpack so I wondered where she got them. So I asked...
Me: Megan, where did you get those raisins?
Megan: Are they mine?
Me: Did someone give them to you?
Megan: Are they mine? They have an "M" on it. Megan: M is for Megan! Are they mine?
Me: Ummmmm. (looking at the 3/4 eaten box) I guess they are now.

So to whoever left the raisins laying around - um, thanks.....

It's a mix of emotions there. On one hand - yeah - Megan knows her letters and can find the letters in her name. That's my girl! On the other hand - we need to work on not taking things that don't belong to us.

Tomorrow, I'll make sure she knows her name is BOLDLY written on her snack.

Friday, May 21, 2010


It hurts! Right HERE! Right here?
That's it - right there! Oh, that feels good....
What do you mean, you can't do that all day?
Well, I guess I can use my toe....

TADA! Nicole's first tooth is officially IN! It's all the way through. Can you see it? Look closely...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Together

It's very sweet to have my girls playing together. Megan really likes that Nicole can sit up and play with toys now. And Megan really likes Nicole's toys.... Nicole really likes having her big sister play alongside her. Most of the time she just watches her and giggles and smiles (and a few screeches).
Just for fun: That's a 12 month outfit that my 6 month Nicole is wearing - and still her cute little baby belly won't stay covered. And all these pictures are from the same day - I forgot how many outfits we can go through a day due to explosive diapers - I love the independence of having a potty trained girl!

Of course, when Megan is napping - then Nicole gets to explore her own toys with vigor and no interruptions (ie: big sister ripping it from her hands).

Can't you just see that brain developing....

And those teeth growing....

Oh yes - and Nicole likes to be her own ring toss. Perhaps Cirque de Soleil has a position open for her...

I Just love that cutie pie!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girls in Green

Oh my sweet girls - Megan is queen of "matching" outfits. I don't have to think about being the mom who coordinates her girls outfits... We have a big sister who's all over it!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Help, Help, Help Mommy!!!!!
I'm being attacked.... my bunny!

That was not funny! Now pick me up!


Little Miss Nicole has been working on a tooth. I guess I should say, she is still working on a tooth. Her first tooth is starting to shoot up. You can feel it and see it a little. It's slowly working its way out. This explains why she's had her whole fist in her mouth constantly.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Princess

WELCOME TO MY CASTLE! This weekend I had a bookclub meeting, so I left Tom at home with our little princesses... I came home to this princess taking advantage of ruling over her kingdom. Some friends handed down this fun pop-up castle last summer and we haven't really had it out much. But now that Megan is WAY into dressing up like a princess - it's a staple in the playroom.
I have to say the most amusing part of Megan's dressing up... she's never seen a princess movie. Her love of all things "princess" comes from her friends. Megan loves her castle but she's hoping for a real trip to go see the princesses..... Oh, I'd love that too!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Finally I got pictures uploaded from our Mother's Day celebration.
Megan was so excited to give Grandma her special card. And the girls helped to make a special gift for both Grandma's.
I think my mom was thrilled to finally have some time with all the grandkids...
The girls sure do love Grandma lovin!

Our 3 generations! Moments to cherish!!!!

And lets be real - every day is Mother's day around here!

Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Month Stats

Oh my sweet little girl..... you are such a delight. As you fell asleep in my arms tonight I just relished the moment and wondered what you will be like as you grow up. I hope you will always have that sweet smile and contagious giggle. You have such a sensitive little spirit even at 6 months. You are so loved and cherished our little pumpkin! Every day together is just priceless!!! And although it's a week past her 1/2 Birthday - here are Nicole's stats...
Height - 27 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight - 21 lbs (>97%)

She loves her milk, but isn't so excited about baby food. Rice cereal is ok but tonight we tried oatmeal and lets just say that wasn't such a hit. Sweet Potatoes, Pears, and squash are ok - but Applesauce was not recieved so well. I'm not too worried about her not eating "real food" because obviously she's getting all the nutrition she needs and is growing and thriving! Her reflux is so much better and seems to be well controled by her medicine. She's only on one medicine now and we'll start to decrease it and wean her off of it at 9 months. We haven't found a formula that she'll take yet.... she's not so excited about the hypoallergenic formulas - but we got a sample of a sensitive formula to try. If she can handle that then we'll just have to try to be as lactose free as possible with her diet.

It's hard to believe our baby is already 1/2 a year old... just amazing and scary. Every day is just priceless!