Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Switch

It was Mother's Day... and we made the switch!

Nicole has transition out of her car seat carrier and into her "big" carseat. Oficially she had reached the weight limit of the carrier so right at 6 months we moved her on. Megan loved passing her car seat down to Nicole. And she LOVED getting her new big girl carseat (Britax Frontier). It's just strange to see my girls in their car seats and have Nicole look like such a big girl.

However, on the way home from church - Nicole wanted to make sure we knew what she really thought and she pooped all over it. Thanks sweetie!

But about the switch..... On one hand it's nice to have her in a car seat that is nice and safe and comfy. She seems to like it. On the other hand, it was a hard transition for me because that means I lose some of my mobility.... gone are the errands during naptime. Now Nicole has to stay awake when I'm out, or I have to sacrifice "good" naps. She does not transfer from her car seat to her crib well at all. Megan was great - she'd fall asleep and I could get her out and she'd stay asleep.. not Nicole!

So now we got out and it takes twice as long to do anything because there are 2 girls to buckle and unbuckle. Thankfully Nicole can sit up in strollers, shopping carts, and high chairs - it's our saving grace. 1/2 a year old - wow.... time flies!

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Amy said...

Clearly, it's a sign Miss Nicole is a genius. Regular babies simply couldn't handle a big girl car seat before 12 months old.

Last week, I had a sleepy girl with me on a Target run. She literally would not wake up, and so I had to push a cart around *and* carry 27 lbs of dead asleep weight on my shoulders. Motherhood is not for the mentally or physically weak, I realized.

Also, there is a picture of Megan down below wiping off a little table. She looks like a future Vogue model in it. One super genius baby + one future Vogue model. I think it's safe to say the Georgia Blaisdells are pretty dang set. :-)