Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Can I just tell you that this whole childrens medicine recall has been a bit frustrating. Especially with sick kids - when you suddenly realize ok, the only tylenol we have is name brand. I've had it at least 6 months - I know it wasn't bought recently.... surely it's not recalled..... Or is it?
Well - here's the link for the recalled medicine.

yeah - we had 5 Tylenol/Benedryl products. 4 of them were on the recall list. UGH. The one that wasn't was the one that I did just buy - it's the meltaway tablets for Megan. She loves them by the way. Not that you want your child to love medicine... but it's better than the battle we had to get her to swallow some medicine for her cough tonight. :^/ ugh.

That alone is frustrating but even more so is that yesterday when we had our Dr's visit with Nicole I started asking about it (because I knew I was about to have to use some of it).

Doc's office - not really a big deal - it's really a "quality control issue"

Pharmacy - throw it out, but it's really not dangerous - it just might not be at full potency

WSB tonight..... warning, may contain bacteria that's harmful to children.

UUUUUUMMMMMMMM..... ok, lets get down to business and actually see if these "older" medicines are recalled. Surely not - seriously some of this (most was for Megan) was bought when she was 2. So - that tells me this has been an issue for at least a year and it was just noticed... what's up with that?

So I entered my "data" and asked for a refund... now what do I do with it? Flush it? Keep it in case they call me to chat about it? Throw it out as is? Man, I hate recalls on kids stuff!!!!!


Sandy P said...

I have not even looked at mine yet. But, I am always cheep and buy the store brand. By the way, my kids love the melting kind too.

Julianne said...

Thanks Val! I checked on the link...I had thrown out the Tylenol with the last recall...several months ago...our Tylenol supply is safe...unfortunately...the Zyrtec that took me 3 days and 3 stores to find is on recall...go figure...