Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Together

It's very sweet to have my girls playing together. Megan really likes that Nicole can sit up and play with toys now. And Megan really likes Nicole's toys.... Nicole really likes having her big sister play alongside her. Most of the time she just watches her and giggles and smiles (and a few screeches).
Just for fun: That's a 12 month outfit that my 6 month Nicole is wearing - and still her cute little baby belly won't stay covered. And all these pictures are from the same day - I forgot how many outfits we can go through a day due to explosive diapers - I love the independence of having a potty trained girl!

Of course, when Megan is napping - then Nicole gets to explore her own toys with vigor and no interruptions (ie: big sister ripping it from her hands).

Can't you just see that brain developing....

And those teeth growing....

Oh yes - and Nicole likes to be her own ring toss. Perhaps Cirque de Soleil has a position open for her...

I Just love that cutie pie!

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