Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Zoo

This weekend, Nicole had her first trip to the zoo. It was a special Members Night - and I have to say it was fun! The animals were great - I've never seen so many animals out. Evening is the best time to go... if only the zoo were normally open in the evening. But the real highlights were the fun special events. They had characters walking around, a Laughing Pizza concert (which we skipped), and a dance party. We ran into some friends and Megan was happy to have Sarah Michelle there to dance with.
She was way into showing off her dance moves!

We had a super fun family night - we even closed the zoo! Officially the zoo closed at 8:30 but I can tell you that the dance party didn't end until 9. Megan was in hog heaven. Daddy was loving dancing with his princess. Mommy was hot and tired from carrying a baby around (Thank you Julianne for letting me borrow your Baby Bjorn with the back support - there's NO way I could carry her without it). And little Nicole was zonked!


Sandy P said...

Next time let us know and we will meet you there! It looks like fun. We have never done one of the member nights.
I thought you were at the zoo when Nicole threw up on you.

Valerie said...

um - oh yeah.... it was her 2nd trip to the zoo! How could I forget the vomit incident?