Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is it Mine?

Megan is going to a gym camp a few days this week. I picked her up on Monday and she was walking out eating a box of raisins. I knew that I hadn't packed them in her backpack so I wondered where she got them. So I asked...
Me: Megan, where did you get those raisins?
Megan: Are they mine?
Me: Did someone give them to you?
Megan: Are they mine? They have an "M" on it. Megan: M is for Megan! Are they mine?
Me: Ummmmm. (looking at the 3/4 eaten box) I guess they are now.

So to whoever left the raisins laying around - um, thanks.....

It's a mix of emotions there. On one hand - yeah - Megan knows her letters and can find the letters in her name. That's my girl! On the other hand - we need to work on not taking things that don't belong to us.

Tomorrow, I'll make sure she knows her name is BOLDLY written on her snack.

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