Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Dairy

Yesterday, the girls and I headed out for some fun.

With our friends at the Dairy...

We met up with some mommy friends from my MOPS group....

And we boarded our chariot (AKA tractor pulled hay ride)....
We saw several different farm animals. Thank goodness, because Megan was having a hard time understanding that a dairy farm only has cows.

Nicole was a trooper and even took a nap while on the hay ride.

Megan said her favorite part was getting to feed the calves. Who knew they liked lettuce?!

Look closely and you'll see Megan giving a hearty, "MOO!!!!"

The kids got a demonstration on how they milk cows and even got to explore the milking apparatus.

After the tour we had some great free ice cream, a picnic and then......
Free Time on the JUMPING PILLOW!

Nicole was hitting the bottle while Megan got some more of her energy out. She's a Pepper!



GIGGLE, LAUGH, and have FUN!
Amazing that all that fun is just 11 miles away.

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Sandy P said...

I wanted to take Macie, but we had C's awards day.