Friday, May 14, 2010

6 Month Stats

Oh my sweet little girl..... you are such a delight. As you fell asleep in my arms tonight I just relished the moment and wondered what you will be like as you grow up. I hope you will always have that sweet smile and contagious giggle. You have such a sensitive little spirit even at 6 months. You are so loved and cherished our little pumpkin! Every day together is just priceless!!! And although it's a week past her 1/2 Birthday - here are Nicole's stats...
Height - 27 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight - 21 lbs (>97%)

She loves her milk, but isn't so excited about baby food. Rice cereal is ok but tonight we tried oatmeal and lets just say that wasn't such a hit. Sweet Potatoes, Pears, and squash are ok - but Applesauce was not recieved so well. I'm not too worried about her not eating "real food" because obviously she's getting all the nutrition she needs and is growing and thriving! Her reflux is so much better and seems to be well controled by her medicine. She's only on one medicine now and we'll start to decrease it and wean her off of it at 9 months. We haven't found a formula that she'll take yet.... she's not so excited about the hypoallergenic formulas - but we got a sample of a sensitive formula to try. If she can handle that then we'll just have to try to be as lactose free as possible with her diet.

It's hard to believe our baby is already 1/2 a year old... just amazing and scary. Every day is just priceless!

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