Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Princess

WELCOME TO MY CASTLE! This weekend I had a bookclub meeting, so I left Tom at home with our little princesses... I came home to this princess taking advantage of ruling over her kingdom. Some friends handed down this fun pop-up castle last summer and we haven't really had it out much. But now that Megan is WAY into dressing up like a princess - it's a staple in the playroom.
I have to say the most amusing part of Megan's dressing up... she's never seen a princess movie. Her love of all things "princess" comes from her friends. Megan loves her castle but she's hoping for a real trip to go see the princesses..... Oh, I'd love that too!!!!


Sandy P said...

It is well worth the cost to see them see the princesses and talk about them!

Whitlamy said...

We're headed to Disney in December for a week (gift from grandparents). I have a feelin' we won't be hanging out with the princesses though.