Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Acts of Service

Over Mother's Day weekend, my dear husband and eldest daughter decided to "give" me an act of service - a wonderful at home car wash! Let's just say it is sooo nice to have a clean car - inside and out! Megan loved helping with the car wash. She was so excited to get her bathing suit on for the first time this year. Because that gave her free reign to get as wet as she wanted!
Megan took her cleaning job very seriously! I just love that serious look she gets.

And while we were out there - we gave her outside toys a good wash too. She's been so excited to get her little table and chairs and her water table all cleaned up so that we can have a little picnic and some water fun. I'm sure we'll be getting into that very soon.

HEALTH UPDATE: The good news is that I get to cancel Megan's Dr's appt the last friday of the month (one of our standing Friday dates)! YEAH!
Today she had a checkup today at the ENT to make sure her ears are ok. This was one of our "normal" ear checks to see how her tubes are doing. We knew that one tube was out and that's why she got her ear infection..... Well the question was, what to do now? Insert another tube or just see what happens and deal with it IF she has another ear infection. They tested her hearing.... and she has a pretty significant hearing loss in her right ear - where the tube is out. That's why she got tubes in the first place, she failed her hearing test. But once she had tubes her hearing was fine. So that was the deciding factor. Since this is prime language acquisition time we don't want to risk any delays. So although we get to cancel the regular pediatrician appt the last week in May... now we have tube surgery scheduled the first Friday of June. They'll replace the right tube and check on the left tube. If it's still in, they'll determine if it's solid or if it needs to be replaced....... and about the time we go for Megan's 6 week tube check, we'll probably be having Nicole's first visit to discuss tubes as well. UGH.


hmferrero said...

That stinks about the hearing loss. I'm glad you found out though. Maybe Nicole won't need them. Sometimes they like to wait and see once it gets warm outside.


Sandy P said...

I think we will be visiting the ENT with Macie in the next couple of years. But, she will be having her tonsils out. She has had strep twice in 8 weeks and she snores like crazy. But, it has done C a world of good.

Whitlamy said...

I with you on the hassle of getting multiple kids and out of the car seat. We have a Frontier for Bryce, too. I like it overall (once I figured out how to get the cover off to wash it), but I have to say, it's more difficult to buckle him in than the Marathon. We have 2 Marathons that I brought with us to Montana. We use the extra one in Michael's car and it's just waiting for another little W hopefully to use in the next couple of years.

Oh, and I also feel for you for the next 6 months on the nap thing. We just escaped nap lockdown since Dawson now only takes one nap a day. But, for the past 6 months it was difficult for me to really get anywhere!!