Friday, May 7, 2010

Let set a standing date.

So... during my impromptu visit to the pediatricians office today, we had a good laugh at the realization that I've been to see her with someone every Friday for at least a month. Not how you want to be remembered. I laughed harder when I told her that I was actually supposed to be there this morning with Nicole but we rescheduled since I ended up in there on Tuesday to diagnose her double ear infections (she wasn't there on Tuesday).

At any rate today it was with Megan. She had a great morning and then suddenly woke up crying an hour into her nap.... she said her ear hurt. Oh dear! So I'm thinking... let's see, you have tubes so you shouldn't have an ear infection that I can't see.... but wait, at your 3 year old checkup the Dr said that one of your tubes was out and sitting in your ear canal.... what ear was that? The right I think.... OK, Megan - where do you hurt? Oh right there in the right ear?! Oh dear. How bad does it hurt? She kept saying, "Mommy my ear hurts. I have an ear infection like Nicole."

I was worried that perhaps there was some attention getting desire in there.... But, she never wakes up crying..... so at 3:30 it's off to call to see if we can get in to see the dr (any dr) and thankfully we got an appt in - on a late Friday afternoon. Because isn't that the way it works, it's late Friday when some symptom shows up.

And ta-da.... Megan has an ear infection in her right ear. At least we made it over a year without an ear infection. So both my girls are on the same antibiotic - and I pray they will heal up quickly. The ironic thing is that we have Megan's ENT checkup on Wednesday to check on her tubes/ears.

So as we were leaving the Doc laughingly said - we should just have a standing date on Fridays.... and I laughed as I said - actually Nicole has her 6 month check up and ear check next Friday - see you then.... oh yeah, then Megan's ear check is the next Friday. Seems like Friday's are "our day" at the pediatricans office.

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