Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pool Is Open!

Our pool has opened! Woohoo!!!! Our homeowners association celebrated the official opening with a great pizza party.

Megan ended last summer with no fear of the water, jumping in and going under with no problems and swimming a few feet unassisted. We weren't sure what she'd do at the start of this pool season.... let's just say she picked up where she left off!
I must admit that I'm glad she'll wear her little swimmies so that I know she can get around the pool while I have Nicole. This was a good test run to see what it'll be like when I'm at the pool with the girls alone.
And Nicole.....
She was a little hesitant at first - but once she got in - she loved it. It was like a big bathtub for her - and she just splashed and splashed.
She's a little water baby!
Oh the fun has just begun...... I have a feeling if the summer is anything like this past week, we'll be at the pool every possible day.
Obviously Nicole is feeling better. It's been a rough week over here. I actually didn't think Nicole would be able to get in the water today due to her bodies reaction to the antibiotics (get what I mean?)... but suddeny today she had a turn around and she's been great. The pizza tonight was actually the first good meal she's eaten since Monday. Her bottom is better now that we've had a day's reprieve from changing really icky diapers every 15 minutes (seriously, we went through a big pack of diapers in 4 days). Aaahhhhh.... a little rest for the weary.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School

This week Megan had her last day of 3 year old preschool with Ms. Theresa and Ms. Mary Kay.
She loves school and is already excited about going back next school year to be in the 4 year old class. It's hard to believe how much she's grown this year (in so many ways)...
Here is her picture from the 1st day of school......
And here is her picture from the last day of school....
She was all set with some sweet gifts for her teachers and raring to go for an end of the year ice cream party!!!!
I asked her what she would miss most about school and she said, "my friend Elizabeth." Oh so sweet....
We have a funny little tradition from this year - at carpool, we pick up the kids and then park so that we can get them fastened in - well, we usually are parked with Elizabeth so the girls will play in each others cars while we mommies have a moment to chat.
Evidently the last "car pool playdate" involved a make over. :^)
We will miss these fun times - Elizabeth is going to a different pre-k next year and I have a feeling when Megan finds out she'll be a bit devestated. But I'm sure our summer will be full of fun playdates!
That's what the last day is... end of one season and beginning of the next - bring on summer!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What sick looks like...

This is what a helpful big sister looks like....
As she makes her baby sister a sweet "feel better soon" card...
I keep hoping that each day will start to get a little better.... I think Nicole's throat is feeling better, but she's traded in a red throat for a red bottom and that is not a trade in the right direction in her opinion. I'm hoping the probiotics and a new cream will kick in soon and help clear that up because honestly, a sick and sleeping baby is a bit better than a screaming hysterical, can't sit down baby. Trust me on this one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Check-ups, Shots, and Strep

What a week over here in the Blaisdell household... and it's only Tuesday.
Monday afternoon I headed over the the pediatricians office for well-check up appointments for both girls. As the date got closer and some moms started telling me about the horror of 4 year old shots - I started to get a bit nervous... so thankfully Tom was able to meet up with us and lend a VERY needed helping hand.
First the Stat's...
Nicole - 18 months
Height: 34 inches (97%)
Weight: 29 lbs, 8 oz (96%)
Megan - 4 years
Height: 40 3/4 inches (75%)
Weght: 42 lbs (90%)
Both girls got a clean bill of health. Nicole got several shots but Megan... what a trooper. She ended up gettig 5 shots and a finger stick. Poor thing. This completes her shots until she's 12 or so. Since there were 2 of us there and she wasn't sick (which is rare for us at a well child appt), they gave her all her 5 year old shots also. That way, when it's time for early registration for Kindergarten, she's all good to go.
Unfortunately Megan's legs were very sore and she's not liking that one bit.
Nicole seemed to have a bit of a reaction to the shots.... last night she just had no appetite and then the floodgates opened and the vomiting began. UGH! Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT my cup of tea. But you do what you must in the name of mommyhood! Sadly little Nicole was sick all night and all morning. She couldn't keep even the tiniest bit of fluid down so we ended up back at the pediatrians office (less than 20 hours since we'd left). Low and behold.... that little girl has Strep Throat (not a reaction to the shots). At her well-child appt, her throat looked fine.... what a difference 20 hours can make.
So we have one dose of antibiotics in her, and the anti-nausea medicine seems to be working. The girls are napping now and mommy and daddy WISH we were was a very long night last night.
Here's to hoping that Wednesday is a little more gentle on us!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Joyful Noise Performance

It was a bittersweet morning.... our sweet little 4 year old Joyful Noise Choir sang in church for the last time. They'll be moving up in the kids choir department - I'm sure several of them will keep on singing their little hearts out. It's nice to have a little break on Wednesdays again... but I sure will miss my little ones (it was a good "teacher" outlet).
They sang in both our church services - the traditional and contemporary. And I must say they were huge hits! You'll see Megan on the back row with the pink flower headband.
They sang 3 songs - here are the links to Youtube since I still can't get my video's to work once they are uploaded on blogger.
I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my heart....
So sweet - it was an honor to help teach choir this year. I'm SO NOT a singer so it was a huge stretch out of my comfort zone. I just knew that Megan really wanted to sing in choir (like Daddy) and if it took some parent volunteers to open the option - that I could do! Who knew it would be so much fun.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Princess Tea

Yesterday, Megan had her friend Macie over for some fun playtime. Get two little girls together with a huge box of dress up clothes and at some point a princess transformation is bound to happen!

These little princesses were ready to have a special princess party - complete with princess cookies!They were in hog heaven with all our sprinkles...mmmmmmmmm..... don't you just wish you had one right about now (so that you could have a self-induced sugar coma)...

Once they had cooled a bit - we had an ole fashioned tea party (AKA: Cookie and Juice party).

Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting into IT

Megan loves her art and really throws herself into a project.... Megan came out of her room to show me an "awesome birthday card" for a friend of hers and I just laughed. I happened to have my camera sitting next to me and had to snap a picture of her ink covered face. I just love that little artist!

I'm not sure if it's the moustache or goatee - but she just looks so much older. What happened to my baby?
Nicole likes to throw herself into eating cupcakes!!!!!!

At the party today someone said, "Nicole is as graceful as a bulldozer." I about fell over laughing (she was shoving big kids out of the way at the time, after she'd just face planted several times). That was the best description I've ever heard of her. My sweet little bulldozer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Nicole has discovered the TV..... I'm sure with Megan I didn't let her just sit and watch a show at this age. But since her sister has the chance to earn some shows - Nicole gets the benefit of it too. One of Nicole's favorites is Chuggington. I caught her sitting in our bean bag eating her snack when suddenly the Chuggington song came on. Suddenly she was clapping furiously and screaming "tu-tu!" This girl has a LOVE of trains - just like her big sister.

I just love how she's kicked her feet up and is relaxing...

And her big sister has her favorite "chilling out" spot....

And when the chilling is done - it's time to take care of those babies again!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a good nights sleep looks like...

Every night Tom and I peek in on the girls and whisper our goodnights while they sleep.

Nicole usually gets a blanket put on her, or a foot poked back through the slats of the crib.

Megan - well....

She usually ends up having to be moved back onto the bed, or turned around or something. That child is the wildest sleeper I've ever seen. It's always a fun adventure to look in and see where she is in bed. The funniest position is when she was half on half off. Evidently she had fallen out of bed and climbed back in but only got half way back in before she fell asleep again. Her bed is the bottom of a bunk bed and it's inbetween the 2 dressers that hold up the top bunk. We've never had rails up because half the bed is "gated"... but our little sleeper manages to make sleeping fun and unpredictable.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Not the General Lee

Nicole has developed a habit of trying to do a "Dukes of Hazzard" entry into her Cozy Coupe... you know - through the window.

Well today... the cozy coupe fought back.....
Nicole tried her window entry.... and then kept right on going. Out the door on the other side. I tried to explain that in DOH (Dukes of Hazzard), General Lee's (that's their car) doors just don't open. And our little coupe is no General Lee. Tonight she found that out first hand. Unfortunately, with her window entrance, her arms were pinned behind her so once again the only thing she had to break her fall was her sweet little face. I saw it all happening and just couldn't get there fast enough.

At least this sweet little one recovered pretty quickly. She won't let anyone touch her nose, upper lip, or mouth - but she was all smiles and cuddles after we got the damage cleaned up.

Walking the Babies

It's fun to take a family walk to the mailbox!
All of us....

And we switch babies and strollers to make sure everyone gets a proper turn...

Oh.... Being mommy is such hard work!

But it's full of so much joy too......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jump, Slide, Bounce

This past week, Megan got to get all her energy out at a friends Monkey Joe's birthday party. Nicole got to tag along and had just as much fun.

She even got brave enough to climb into the jumpy houses.

But the ice cream truck was her favorite.... even without money to make it do it's thing. Lord help me if anyone ever puts money in that thing and she finds out it "does" something other than sit there. Because that is enough for her!

Megan was excited to have some time to play with her classmates - especially her friend Elizabeth...

And this week we'll be back over there for Elizabeth's 4th birthday party! Oh the fun never ends!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today, Megan had her first adventure bowling... Our neighbor, Coop, had an awesome 4th birthday bowling party. Tom gave her all his pointers to get her started.

She started off with a bang....

And what's bowling without some snacks....

Megan even figured out that she got to "throw the ball" 20 times.

How much fun did she have? This much.....

Here is a link to the video of her bowling on youtube.... What I find absolutely hysterical is the ball being HURLED through the air in the next lane.

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Welcome to the 4's!