Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Joyful Noise Performance

It was a bittersweet morning.... our sweet little 4 year old Joyful Noise Choir sang in church for the last time. They'll be moving up in the kids choir department - I'm sure several of them will keep on singing their little hearts out. It's nice to have a little break on Wednesdays again... but I sure will miss my little ones (it was a good "teacher" outlet).
They sang in both our church services - the traditional and contemporary. And I must say they were huge hits! You'll see Megan on the back row with the pink flower headband.
They sang 3 songs - here are the links to Youtube since I still can't get my video's to work once they are uploaded on blogger.
I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my heart....
So sweet - it was an honor to help teach choir this year. I'm SO NOT a singer so it was a huge stretch out of my comfort zone. I just knew that Megan really wanted to sing in choir (like Daddy) and if it took some parent volunteers to open the option - that I could do! Who knew it would be so much fun.

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