Saturday, May 7, 2011

Megan's First Recital

I must admit, I shed a few tears today as these adorable girls danced thier little hearts out!

Seriously that stage oozed with cuteness!

The program that Megan dances with is simply wonderful. It's a local church and their dance program has about 350 students. They have 4 recitals to get everyone in. We were the last of the recitals which actually was very emotional because 3 of the girls who danced are seniors so we actually got to see their last dance. It was so touching and I have to admit that I felt their emotion and shed a tear for them.

And our little 3 year old class was a little one.. but they were absolutely adorable.

All the girls were given medals for completing this year of dance instruction. Megan is already chomping at the bit to dance again next year.

The beautiful dancer in the middle is one the "helpers" - Lexie. She was the assistant in Megan's class and Megan adored her. The older students danced several dances from one of the shows they had performed earlier this year. They were amazing.
I will say that when they came out and danced the first time, I got a bit misty eyed thinking - that could be Megan one day. In an instant it was like time just flew by.

We are so proud of her - she was so excited to be a real dancer at HER recital!

And what a great Mother's Day present - getting to see my sweet baby, the one who first made me a mommy, dancing her heart out. It is a sweet memory that I will always cherish!

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Amy said...

I like the last photo. I remember the days of dancing/recitals. She sure is cute!