Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pool Is Open!

Our pool has opened! Woohoo!!!! Our homeowners association celebrated the official opening with a great pizza party.

Megan ended last summer with no fear of the water, jumping in and going under with no problems and swimming a few feet unassisted. We weren't sure what she'd do at the start of this pool season.... let's just say she picked up where she left off!
I must admit that I'm glad she'll wear her little swimmies so that I know she can get around the pool while I have Nicole. This was a good test run to see what it'll be like when I'm at the pool with the girls alone.
And Nicole.....
She was a little hesitant at first - but once she got in - she loved it. It was like a big bathtub for her - and she just splashed and splashed.
She's a little water baby!
Oh the fun has just begun...... I have a feeling if the summer is anything like this past week, we'll be at the pool every possible day.
Obviously Nicole is feeling better. It's been a rough week over here. I actually didn't think Nicole would be able to get in the water today due to her bodies reaction to the antibiotics (get what I mean?)... but suddeny today she had a turn around and she's been great. The pizza tonight was actually the first good meal she's eaten since Monday. Her bottom is better now that we've had a day's reprieve from changing really icky diapers every 15 minutes (seriously, we went through a big pack of diapers in 4 days). Aaahhhhh.... a little rest for the weary.

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