Thursday, May 12, 2011

One of our Favorite Toys!

For Megan's birthday, her Uncle Dan sent her a set of Wedgits. Oh do we love our Wedgits!!!!They are a super fun toy that sparks creativity as well as a great learning tool. Even Nicole likes to get in on the Wedgit building.Of course, she likes it better when we try to build really tall towers so that she can knock them down...I think this may currently be Megan's favorite toy (other than the crafty stuff and dress up/pretend play stuff).My only complaint... then end up being toted anywhere (which is also a plus)... and I get sucked into building with the girls! :^) This post is for you Uncle Dan - I just wanted you to see first hand how much Megan loves her Wedgits! Thank you!


Amy said...

Dawson has the same toy. He likes them, too. Bryce likes other blocks better.

Dan Blaisdell said...

It was a great idea that I got from my wonderful sister-in-law:-)

It is so much fun seeing both the girls enjoy them.