Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dance Camp

Last week, Megan was super busy at Dance Camp. She put on her best Ballerina outfits and we headed out to learn some new steps. Megan got to learn some tap dance moves...
Brought back memories of my childhood dance classes. Shuffle, heel, shuffle, heel... of course to a 3 year old it's "swoosh, smoosh".And of course there were some ballet moves....Nicole thought she's show off her ballerina arms as well.Each day after camp, Megan would show off some special move she learned. Nicole was a captive and willing audience.
During the camp, Nicole and I hung out waiting and watching most of the days. The camp is one and a half hours each day. So we had some fun times together. Nicole was a super trooper since it fell during the middle of her nap times. She had one of Megan's baby dolls to keep her company. They had many very interesting conversations!

And Megan danced....

And danced...
And jumped.... This was the "shoe jump" - it gave the girls a little target to run and jump over. Megan loved it.

But - the best part of camp....
Was when....
Daddy came to pick her up on Friday!
To Megan - dancing and Daddy just go together. He is her ultimate dancing partner - so it was only right that he be there to see her dance.

Talk about making a mommy's heart melt - when Tom picked her up she was so excited and said, "Daddy I'm your princess and you are the King!" So sweet.

We have another week of dance camp in July. Megan's excited because she gets her new ballet shoes and tap shoes during that class. And then in August she starts her official dance class (tap and ballet). We even get to go to a class on how to make a bun... oh my goodness - this is a new arena of parenting.... classes for hair.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Swim Lessons

My little guppy had her first swim lesson today. She's always liked the water, but last year I held off on lessons since she just had ear tubes put in. Then this year we had to get tubes again, so I figured we'd wait another year.... And then I met Ashlyn (not how you spell her name, but that's how you pronounce it), a swim teacher for little tykes.

So we lined her up for a few lessons to see how it would go. Megan is VERY attached to her little arm swimmies so I wasn't sure if she'd get in without them.
I was prepared for it to be less than great.
Ok, I was prepared for it to be challenging...

I'd heard from other moms that it's hard when the kids realize they get in the pool without mom and you have to trust someone you've never met.

So I was prepared for tears, only a few minutes actually in the water, and even some bribery (if I hit a point of desperation).

Who am I kidding? This is Megan - Megan the fearless water bug!!!!She did great! Her swim teacher has been on our neighborhood swim team since she was 4. She's one of the team coaches, and she's been giving lessons to the little ones for several years. And Megan loved her! She was truckin right along in the water. Megan's always done great with a floatation device of some sort. She just doesn't like putting her head in the water... until last week. Suddenly she started dunking herself under. That was a huge step for us... especially she she has ear tubes. The ENT said that ear plugs weren't necessary, but we could use them if we want. We have them and she's asked for them before - but not today.

And her little sister took it all in. She's ready for her own swim lessons I think. When she gets in the water - she kicks and paddles... I think she's a little waterbug too!

The only challenge...The Pool just got a whole lot more complicated to "do" by myself. Megan doesn't want any floatation device (except an occasional noodle) and she thinks she can swim the length of the pool by herself. Um, we aren't there yet... but by the end of summer we may be!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day my sweet husband! These two little princesses have added a whole new dimension to our lives - and you have always risen to the occasion and been a fabulous Dad. It melts my heart to see how much our girls love you!Your special date nights will always be highlights in their memories. What a treasure to grow up knowing that your Daddy thinks you are beautiful and cherished. Thank you for the the foundation of love you are establishing in their lives.These little treasures have you wrapped around their fingers... and they know it. But one day, they'll also recognize the role you have played and are playing in shaping them into amazing, beautiful young ladies of faith!To remind you how special you are to them - you can now carry their footprints with you where ever you go. These little footprints were actual footprints of the girls that I shrunk down to put on a keychain. You just have to love shrinky dinkys! I got this great idea from No Time For Flashcards.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Tom! We love you and love getting to celebrate your birthday and another year together. Megan and I had a great time making a special birthday cake. Megan was SURE that Daddy would want a Thomas the Train birthday cake... so we dug in and made our own special Thomas cake....Megan helped with the sprinkles and lined our yummy cake with M&M's.And when you have a cake that great - all the kids have to help blow out the candles! It was a super special birthday celebration because Uncle Dan was here. We figured out that they hadn't spent Tom's birthday together since he's moved to Atlanta. And Dad got to expeience a Wade family event. WOOHOO!
Here's to another wonderful year ahead!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

How about you, you you...

You can come too, too, too...

We're going to the zoo, zoo, ZOO!

Although it was hot and steamy, we headed to the zoo early one morning and met up with Aunt Kelly, Daniel, Justin, and Anna.

We tried to fit everything in before the heat overtook us. Of course that really took about 5 minutes when it's in the high 80's at 9:30am. But we still had fun and enjoyed the animals. Nicole wasn't sure what she thought about the parakeet house.

The birds were a little persnickity and didn't want to eat off of our sticks at first. They must have been hot too. But they caught on.

Next stop - the Meerkats. Oh, aren't they cute. I wish I could take them home with me...

oh wait, maybe I will!

Uncle Dan and Megan had a great giraffe ride.

And the real giraffes gave us a good show too.

I tried to get a picture of my little "joey" in the outback... but it was a bit hard to stretch with a little girl in the Baby Bjorn.
Oh this sweet girl had a great time showing her Uncle Dan the zoo. Can't you see "tour guide extrodinare" in her future!
And seriously, can you go to the zoo without a train ride?????

Uncle Dan was "the man" on the train. Here he is with Megan, Anna, Justin and Daniel.

Then of course he got to keep the girls company.

My other sweet girl has to wait a little bit before she can ride the train. So Nicole hung out with Daddy.....

And took a little snooze... hey, the zoo can be exhausting you know!

While everyone else jumped from the train to the carousel. Thanks Aunt Kelly for being our chaperone! She made sure that Justin, Megan and Daniel had a very fair Panda race.

Anna, had the advantage with the super fast cheetah!

It was a very fun day at the zoo. We braved the heat and it was worth it. Thanks Uncle Dan for inspiring us to make it happen!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Doughnuts with Dan!

We have a special tradition when Uncle Dan comes to town.... a trip to Krispy Kreme!
I know that Nicole is anxiously anticipating the day that she too can partake in a circle of mouth watering delight (also known as a sprinkle Krispy Kreme doughnut). Oh yeah - can't you just see the joy and delight on that face!!!!!
Uncle Dan - this is one of those special traditions that mom and dad also LOVE!
Note: this is the 2nd post of the day... keep reading

Ice Cream Parlor

We have been having a great time with Uncle Dan. Time has just flown! One of the highlights of his trip was making ice cream!

With Megan's new Play Doh Ice Cream Parlor.... It was not only a hit with Megan - but all 3 of her cousins got in on the action.

Even Daddy said the ice cream was yummy!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lake!

This past weekend, I had my first trip to the Lake.It was very fun. My life jacket was about as big as I was - but it kept me nice and safe on the boat. And Daddy made sure I stayed out of the water!We didn't spend all our time in the water though... Papa Bear and Nana B's house (that's Natalie's Daddy and Mommy) has a great beach. Megan really loves to play there! She had a life jacket to wear also!!!She even got to float in the water. I heard it was a little chilly.Yep - it's a little chilly! But I love it - I'm a water baby you know!!!!Daddy thought we were having so much fun that he was going to need a nap.Then, Natalie taught Megan to drive the boat. Just think of it - my big sister was a captain!She even took us on a tour... we got to check out Mommy's dream house! Daddy keeps talking about a lottery ticket or something like that. I found the whole experience to be very exhausting.....

Megan thought all that driving was fun. Mommy kept talking about those curls!Even with storm clouds brewing... we cruised the lake!I didn't let that interrupt my nap schedule however!We were having so much fun in the pre-summer heat that we decided to head to the marina to get some yummy ice cream. Too bad I can't eat it yet... Megan was loving her special Dora ice cream.

But it worked to my advantage - while she ate her ice cream I got a boat driving lesson! Mommy said she had a lot of fun being on the lake with her girls!

Thank you Natalie for a wonderful weekend at the lake. We can't wait to go back again!
Next time.... we're tubing! And mommy said she'd even get the skis out! WooHoo!