Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pool

Well, when the pool is open - we will go!
This weekend was a little chillly due to the storms we had, but it was still fun to finally get to the pool as a family. This is actually Nicole's 3rd trip IN the pool - but when it's just me and the girls, the camera is generally not near me. Wow - keeping up with 2 of them around water is a bit overwhelming. Fun, but exhausting! Nicole LOVES the water - she is truly a little water bug. It doesn't matter that we thought it was cold - she smiled, giggled, and just kicked all over the place. She obviously takes after her big sister....
We had to have a little talk during our first trip to the pool... Megan just hopped in the water - just took off swimming to the middle of the pool and back. I about had a heart attack. She hadn't been in a pool since the end of last summer so I didn't know how she's do. No Fear! She just took off. And with me holding Nicole, I was a bit nervous.But that little girl is our little guppy. She just goes and goes. She loves her swimmies and her noodle. And once we get her ear tubes back in on Friday we'll move forward with swim lessons. I didn't know how she'd do with them - but she's proved she's ready to be a little swimmer! I can already tell..... we are going to be at the pool A LOT this summer!

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Dr. Brian Johnson said...

You are so smart to blog all these great memories!
Thanks for sharing them.
Debbie Johnson