Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

How about you, you you...

You can come too, too, too...

We're going to the zoo, zoo, ZOO!

Although it was hot and steamy, we headed to the zoo early one morning and met up with Aunt Kelly, Daniel, Justin, and Anna.

We tried to fit everything in before the heat overtook us. Of course that really took about 5 minutes when it's in the high 80's at 9:30am. But we still had fun and enjoyed the animals. Nicole wasn't sure what she thought about the parakeet house.

The birds were a little persnickity and didn't want to eat off of our sticks at first. They must have been hot too. But they caught on.

Next stop - the Meerkats. Oh, aren't they cute. I wish I could take them home with me...

oh wait, maybe I will!

Uncle Dan and Megan had a great giraffe ride.

And the real giraffes gave us a good show too.

I tried to get a picture of my little "joey" in the outback... but it was a bit hard to stretch with a little girl in the Baby Bjorn.
Oh this sweet girl had a great time showing her Uncle Dan the zoo. Can't you see "tour guide extrodinare" in her future!
And seriously, can you go to the zoo without a train ride?????

Uncle Dan was "the man" on the train. Here he is with Megan, Anna, Justin and Daniel.

Then of course he got to keep the girls company.

My other sweet girl has to wait a little bit before she can ride the train. So Nicole hung out with Daddy.....

And took a little snooze... hey, the zoo can be exhausting you know!

While everyone else jumped from the train to the carousel. Thanks Aunt Kelly for being our chaperone! She made sure that Justin, Megan and Daniel had a very fair Panda race.

Anna, had the advantage with the super fast cheetah!

It was a very fun day at the zoo. We braved the heat and it was worth it. Thanks Uncle Dan for inspiring us to make it happen!

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