Monday, June 28, 2010

Swim Lessons

My little guppy had her first swim lesson today. She's always liked the water, but last year I held off on lessons since she just had ear tubes put in. Then this year we had to get tubes again, so I figured we'd wait another year.... And then I met Ashlyn (not how you spell her name, but that's how you pronounce it), a swim teacher for little tykes.

So we lined her up for a few lessons to see how it would go. Megan is VERY attached to her little arm swimmies so I wasn't sure if she'd get in without them.
I was prepared for it to be less than great.
Ok, I was prepared for it to be challenging...

I'd heard from other moms that it's hard when the kids realize they get in the pool without mom and you have to trust someone you've never met.

So I was prepared for tears, only a few minutes actually in the water, and even some bribery (if I hit a point of desperation).

Who am I kidding? This is Megan - Megan the fearless water bug!!!!She did great! Her swim teacher has been on our neighborhood swim team since she was 4. She's one of the team coaches, and she's been giving lessons to the little ones for several years. And Megan loved her! She was truckin right along in the water. Megan's always done great with a floatation device of some sort. She just doesn't like putting her head in the water... until last week. Suddenly she started dunking herself under. That was a huge step for us... especially she she has ear tubes. The ENT said that ear plugs weren't necessary, but we could use them if we want. We have them and she's asked for them before - but not today.

And her little sister took it all in. She's ready for her own swim lessons I think. When she gets in the water - she kicks and paddles... I think she's a little waterbug too!

The only challenge...The Pool just got a whole lot more complicated to "do" by myself. Megan doesn't want any floatation device (except an occasional noodle) and she thinks she can swim the length of the pool by herself. Um, we aren't there yet... but by the end of summer we may be!

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Sandy P said...

Cute picture! I bet she will learn her limitations fairly quickly. Even my crazy child knows when she can't do something in the water!