Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hearing Yourself in Your Child

This is truely for me - I had to record some things that Megan has said recently - starting with about 1 minute ago.

You know that she's heard it a lot when it's a "natural" thing to say when she's playing with her toys, alone...
A minute ago she was on the couch with a toy and she said, "Megan, what are you doing?" Then she responded to herself, "I not doing anything, just sitting here." I am still trying to stop laughing at that exchange she had with herself.

Other meganisims...
"Oh my goodness, aren't you a cutie patootie Nicole."
"I see some tooths in there pumpkin pie."
"I am such a good girl."
"I sure do wish I could have a special treat."
"I'm just a growing girl mamma."
"SSShhhhhhh... (in a whisper) everybody be very very quiet, we need to watch for birds."
"I'm just a counter, you know." (meaning she likes to count)
"I think I've earned a tv show, don't you think so? Don't you? don't you?

There are so many others! She just keeps me giggling.

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