Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viking Girls

This is a very belated post (by a month).... At the end of Feb - we took the girls to the park. It started out as a pretty cold morning - but a perfect day to don our Viking wear! I know I'm biased - but I think those are 2 of the cutest MN Vikings I've seen! (Thanks Auntie Mary and Uncle David for those awesome outfits).
Tom enjoyed having some little fans to show off!
This is a great park that we can take Megan to so she can ride her bike. Next to the playground they have a flat walking/biking/skating circle around a little field for soccer/ball playing. It was so chilly this morning, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Megan is a rock star on her bike - she loves riding at this park because it's flat and she can "outrun" us in a heartbeat. Nicole loves chasing Megan - and of course, we have to play on the playground.

And when you are tired of riding.... and tired of playing.... you can always start a game of chase!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Gym

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I started a fun new weekly outing - Baby Gym. We headed back to our beloved local parks and rec center for this fun class. Megan and I took this several times when she was little and now it's Nicole's turn! That little cutie loves the time to explore and every week she gains a little more confidence and is willing to try something new. The first week she wouldn't put her feet down on the balance beam - but by week 3 she was stepping over the "bean bag stones." And SHOCKINGLY she even let her teachers hold her hands... wow! I have to say Ms. Michelle and Ms. Rachel are great... I know them from Megan's last gym class and they would "chat" with Nicole (in the hallway when we were waiting for Megan) when she was a newborn. So it's so wild to realize that was over a year ago and now they are Nicole's teachers... now I know what my students' parents would feel when I'd teach one child and then years later a sibling... so odd to see time pass like that.

Her favorie is the mini trampoline (which was also Megan's favorite).Nicole is the youngest in the class - by at least 6 months. Several of the kids just turned 2 - so she's the baby, but she does really well considering she's only 6 months old. She's starting to catch on to "circle time" and has started to try to follow along. She loves singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (you can see her "spider" in the picture below) and when they stretch and have to smell their toes - she's the best toe smeller of the group. :^)When we go to the big gym the first thing she does is ask for a ball... she loves the big balls!But oh, gym time is exhausting!BUT... you have to get stamps and bubbles!!!!She loves it when she gets stamps on her belly.... but nothing is as fun as Ms. Michelle blowing bubbles. This is not a very clear picture - but you can see how excited Nicole is.So fun- It will be so fun to see how Nicole grows over the course of the class. I'm bummed they don't have one over the summer, but I'm sure we'll jump back in this fall because she seems to love it. When Megan and I were in the class - she was almost 2 - click here for a reminder of her experiences!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I love!

Daddy-Daughter time...
Just warms my heart to see my girls loving on their daddy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What little sisters learn from big sisters...

How to play with Polly Pocket princesses..... Forget the fact that Nicole is not allowed to have them (and their tiny swallowable clothes) - but Nicole plopped herself down in the kitchen when I was making dinner tonight and started making her Princesses "talk" to each other. It was so funny to hear her "baby babble" from one doll to another. She's caught on from Megan that the dolls are supposed to talk to each other - and today she decided to nab them from Megan's stash and have her own dolly conversation. I have to admit that I was glad my camera was sitting on the counter so that I could get a shot of it in action.
She thought she was pretty funny too.
Just don't look too closely to her bruised face.... poor thing has fallen so much lately that she's got bruises on both sides of her face.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visions of Pink Fluffy Cotton Candy!

Oh yes.... that is what is dancing in my head....
Visions of pink, fluffy, cotton candy... Today Megan got to put on her dance recital costume for PICTURE DAY! She was beside herself with joy - it was a true twirly dress!
When her class started last August, there were 9 girls - but over the year it has slowly dwindled down to the final 4 (Sydney, Summer, Grace, Megan). Megan loves her dance friends. We wish that Juli could be with us (if you are keeping her with her prayer requests) but her body just isn't ready yet. But I'm hoping she'll be able to be at the recital.

I had to get the cute backside of my dancer... if for nothing else - than for the awesome bun I had to work on.

As soon as she put the dress on - she started dancing. Something about the dress also caused her to not be able to walk "normal" anymore - she was on her tipy toes the whole time she wore it.

The girls kept themselves occupied practicing their dance while we waited for our turn with the photographer - that was cute too.

Now it's just about 6 weeks to get those moves down for the actual recital.... so fun!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just cute

Last week our neighbor Coop came over and learned to play CandyLand with Megan. Megan was thrilled to have someone her own age to play a board game with (she's tired of beating mommy and daddy).It was so cute to see how much fun they had. I really didn't expect them to be able to do it alone... but they did and they had a great time. Who knew?! And how cute is Megan with her new princess umbrella. Nicole picked it out for her for her birthday...

And seriously, is there anyone who loves a cupcake as FULLY Nicole does?????

She loves it so much she wants to wear it and eat it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess

How can it be that my little princess is a big 4 year old now? To celebrate her birthday, we had a royal party with many of her princess friends from church and school.

The "ball" began with the princesses decorating tiara's and princess purses...

Then the Royal Mom gave all the directions for a scavenger hunt... to find all the things a little girl needs to be a REAL princess....

Then the hunt was on for all the royal jewels.....

Even the little sister princess was having a good time
After the royal scavenger hunt was complete and all the girls had gathered what they needed to be real princesses, the girls gathered in the Pretty Princess Parlor to have their nails painted, get sparkly princess tatoos, and color their own stickers.

And what is a princess party without a royal castle cake....

The cake was a labor of love. Tricky but fun and I'd do it again in a heartbeat to see the look of awe on Megan's face. She wanted it to be a surprise so she hadn't seen it till her party.

And for the final activitiy - a Cinderella pinata. thankfully it was a pull-string pinata so we didn't have to "bash" the princess - and Megan still has Cinderella to keep in her room as a reminder of her special day.

We are so thankful that these wonderful little princesses were able to help Megan celebrate her 4th birthday!