Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viking Girls

This is a very belated post (by a month).... At the end of Feb - we took the girls to the park. It started out as a pretty cold morning - but a perfect day to don our Viking wear! I know I'm biased - but I think those are 2 of the cutest MN Vikings I've seen! (Thanks Auntie Mary and Uncle David for those awesome outfits).
Tom enjoyed having some little fans to show off!
This is a great park that we can take Megan to so she can ride her bike. Next to the playground they have a flat walking/biking/skating circle around a little field for soccer/ball playing. It was so chilly this morning, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Megan is a rock star on her bike - she loves riding at this park because it's flat and she can "outrun" us in a heartbeat. Nicole loves chasing Megan - and of course, we have to play on the playground.

And when you are tired of riding.... and tired of playing.... you can always start a game of chase!

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