Friday, March 25, 2011

What little sisters learn from big sisters...

How to play with Polly Pocket princesses..... Forget the fact that Nicole is not allowed to have them (and their tiny swallowable clothes) - but Nicole plopped herself down in the kitchen when I was making dinner tonight and started making her Princesses "talk" to each other. It was so funny to hear her "baby babble" from one doll to another. She's caught on from Megan that the dolls are supposed to talk to each other - and today she decided to nab them from Megan's stash and have her own dolly conversation. I have to admit that I was glad my camera was sitting on the counter so that I could get a shot of it in action.
She thought she was pretty funny too.
Just don't look too closely to her bruised face.... poor thing has fallen so much lately that she's got bruises on both sides of her face.

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