Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess Bathroom

Finally, it's done! For a year Megan has been talking about her princess bathroom. And it's taken me a year to get my rear end moving and get it done. So for her upcoming 4th birthday - I got my act together and made it a priority.
Ta-Da..... I really didn't want it to be a "Disney Princess" bathroom. If we had done that it would've been finished a long time ago - but I wanted it to be more "long lasting" and not so Disney. After a year, the original shower curtain I'd been looking for, finally came available (seriously, it's been "out of stock" for a full year). I was about to figure out how to make one myself..... if that had happened, it would've taken another year to get done.
Of course, we did do a little salute to THE Princesses!

You can't really tell in these pictures but the walls are a sponged on purple. It's a light lavender and the sponging is fabulous because it's the perfect coverup for our very imperfect, previously wallpapered but never primed walls.

And thanks to Hobby Lobby for all the other fun princessey "accessories" as Megan calls them.

And it's done just in time for Grandma and Papa's visit from MN. Megan told me they could be the queen and king of the bathroom.


hmferrero said...

Cute cute cute!

Dawn said...

It's adorable, Val! Awesome job!!!