Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visions of Pink Fluffy Cotton Candy!

Oh yes.... that is what is dancing in my head....
Visions of pink, fluffy, cotton candy... Today Megan got to put on her dance recital costume for PICTURE DAY! She was beside herself with joy - it was a true twirly dress!
When her class started last August, there were 9 girls - but over the year it has slowly dwindled down to the final 4 (Sydney, Summer, Grace, Megan). Megan loves her dance friends. We wish that Juli could be with us (if you are keeping her with her prayer requests) but her body just isn't ready yet. But I'm hoping she'll be able to be at the recital.

I had to get the cute backside of my dancer... if for nothing else - than for the awesome bun I had to work on.

As soon as she put the dress on - she started dancing. Something about the dress also caused her to not be able to walk "normal" anymore - she was on her tipy toes the whole time she wore it.

The girls kept themselves occupied practicing their dance while we waited for our turn with the photographer - that was cute too.

Now it's just about 6 weeks to get those moves down for the actual recital.... so fun!

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Dawn said...

Oh, my gosh! I think my monitor just started to melt from all that CUTENESS!!! Absolutely ADORABLE! She really does look like a princess. I wish we could be there to watch her recital. You'll have to share the video. Give the little princesses big hugs and kisses from us! We love and miss you guys like crazy!!!