Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yesterday, Megan had a chance to strut her stuff at the end of the year Gymnastics celebration.  I have to say I LOVE our parks and recrecation system and all the classes they offer.  We've definitely taken advantage of them!
 All of the 3-5 year old gym classes had a chance to perform --- but there are so many that they divided them into 4 different performances.  In our performance there were about 80 kids (a guess).  Each one got to march forward in the "opening ceremony" and show their best cartwheel or roll. 

Megan had already gone, but I had to get a shot of how many kids were there.  And evidently one of the little boys marching forward in this shot was actually Usher's son.  Who knew?

Then the kids had a little opening ceremony warm up dance...
Then they divided into their classes and each class had a chance to show off what they'd been learning this year in different gymnastic stations.

At the end, each person got a chance to take the gold on the podium!

My little gymnastics superstar!

We still have a couple of classes left but I think this will be Megan's last gym class for awhile.  She's loved it and it's been a great experience.  But she's not really into being a big gym superstar... and I'm so good with that.  Once you pass her little class then you are elibible for teams - and teams practice between 6-20 hours a week... um, no thanks - we have lives to be lived!

I asked Megan what her favorite part of gym class was (meaning, uneven bars, parallel bars, tumbling, balance beam, etc)... her answer:  The foam pit.   They get to jump into the foam pit at the end of every class.

So I clarified.... Megan was was your favorite part of all the gym stuff you did today at the jamboree (hoping that would help me know what she did like best of all the "real gymnastics" skills.... her answer:  the dance.

Ok - enough said - she's loved doing it but there are other interests out there to explore. 
Megan's actually been asking for an art lesson all year but none of them worked with our schedules - so this summer she's going to an art camp -  think that will be a bit more up her alley.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today we went... Down on the Farm - preschool musical style!

Before the performance started - the minister prayed and I happened to have my camera sitting on my knee and got this sweet picture of Nicole praying.  Totally melted my heart!

According to her teacher, Megan has been a great little singer so this morning they moved her to the front row - what a cute litte polka dotted pig she is! 
 Here's a couple of little video's from the performance:


Old MacDonald....  If you listen to the end, you'll notice a new animal on the farm.  Mr John (the music teacher) let the kids vote on what animals to include... and the Unicorns evidently got a lot of votes.
(don't you love the funny little boy next to Megan)

Baa Ball Black Sheep (and megan gets a little ahead of the game).  :^)

Assundry Outings

I'm still trying to catch up from my blogging hiatus this month so I thought I'd just combine some fun.

Last week, we loaded up our wheels and headed to the park.  Nicole is desperately trying to learn how to ride her tricycle.  She hasn't quite figured out how to get her feet to cooperate yet - but that doesn't stop her - she's great at getting wherever she wants to go!
 And Megan.... her helmet snapped and she was GONE before I could try to get a shot of her.  I love the "bike park" we go to - the girls have a big loop around a field so I can keep my eye on Megan while shadowing Nicole.
 Last weekend, we celebrated a 2nd birthday for one of Nicole's little friends - Ellie.
 And really, you can't turn 2 without some bubbles!!!  I love this shot of Nicole because I finally have a picture that shows how long her hair is.
 Then of course there is soccer!  Some pre-game tips from dad.... mostly a reminder - now don't step on the ball.  Megan has had quite a few falls lately and several of them have happened while she was trying to stop the ball - and has accidently stepped on it.  Yeah- not so sturdy.
 During Megan's games - Nicole gets to hang out with one of her favorite people - Bella!
 Bella has a little sister who is Megan's age (we play her team next week),and Bella loves hanging out with Nicole.  Monday we got to church for practice and Nicole was so upset to realize that Bella wasn't going to be there.

Megan had pictures with her team Monday.

So, we've been busy - busy having fun!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Recently, Nicole and  have had a chance to get out and do some fun things together while Megan's been at school.

One of favorite things... BUBBLES!

 I just love that little 2 year old!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Tooth!

This month has been a bit of a blur.  And the culprit of a lot of that "missing time" has been a tooth!  Nicole's chipped tooth to be exact.  You might remember that a year ago she fell and chipped her front tooth.  Well a year later, it started to abcess and the dentist and oral surgeon both agreed it was time for it to come out!  We'd been going in every 3 months to watch it once we realized it had started to bother her on occasions.  And the time came.  The surgery was planned , then changed and finally the decided to have her tooth removed at Scottish Rite Children's hospital.  I was a bit freaked out about why the outpatient facility was nixed and they felt so strongly that they wanted it done at the main hospital - but I also knew that meant Nicole would be very well taken care of.  So, we headed to the hospital...

 My Kindle fire (LOVE IT) was the best remedy for keeping a little girl calm and occupied.
 She started to get a little woozy after her medicine....
 and more woozy... finally had to lay down...
 They they wheeled her off to surgery.  The surgeon came in to give me Nicole's tooth... OH MY GOSH!  I'm sooooo glad they did this in the hospital.  This picture really doesn't do it justice for the size - but it's over an inch long.  They had to put in 2 stitches to close it all up.  But she was a trooper and did great.
 After the surgery the "wake up" was agonizing - she spent about 20 minutes in hysterics and fighting mad and confused.  I finally got her to fall asleep again and after a 45 minute nap she woke up silly, goofy, yet happy and ready to go home.

A week later, she got a great report from the follow up with the surgeon.  And she's finally started to act 100% herself again - she's finally figured out how to eat with a hole - and has started smiling again.  A cute snaggle-tooth smile, if I do say so myself.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

This morning I woke up to a very excited little girl.  She wasn't excited about an Easter basket or egg hunts, or anything like that - she was so excited because she wanted to be the first one in the house to say, "He has risen!"  To see if people really do say, "He has risen, indeed!"  So sweet!

We had a fun and full day at church - ending with a church-wide Easter egg hunt.  We had a great time hanging out with our lifegroup afterwards.

 My girls were still trying to get into their baskets to see what candy might be there.  This is Nicoles "Don't try to take it away from me mommy or I'll run away" look.

 Back at home, we had a relaxing afternoon and a fun Skype with my brothers family - who are in Europe for an awesome 80 day trip - we miss you!  Then it was time for our own family egg hunt.  I must admit it was a bit low key with only 2 girls running around for eggs instead of the normal 5 kids.

 Nicole had a 2 Easter dress day.  I realized her first dress was too small (darn that 3T) and we had to upsize.  :^)

 Here's a flashback to last year - boy have the girls grown so much.  And you'll see that Nicole's final Easter dress was also Megan's Easter dress last year (wow).
As this day draws to a close, we wish our family and friends a very Happy Easter - one that is full of the knowledge of the joy that comes from God's sacrifice of His Son.  Our joy, from His sorrow.
But sorrow last for a night (or 3 days) and joy comes in the morning!
He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spa Girl!

For Megan's birthday (back in March), we had gotton a Groupon for a little girl spa outing at a local girls spa.  Megan LOVES having her nails painted so we knew that would be the perfect special birthday outing.  Well since she got sick right after her birthday we are just now getting around to our visit.  It was a special for Megan and a friend so we loaded up her friend Sydney (and her mom) and headed over for an afternoon of little girl pampering!
 First the very excited girls got to pick out a color or two for their pedicure....
 a little foot soak...
 a foot and leg massage....  Now I must admit that I expected Megan to lose it at this point because she has extremely ticklish feet!  But she seemed to love all that attention.

 Megan and Sydney - chilling and waiting for their toes to dry!  Those spa diva's!
 Once the toes were dry, they moved on to the "facial bar"... with a "natural" facial - made with vanilla yogurt and oatmeal.

 Once their skin was all shiny and mosturized, they moved on to a manicure...
 And the super fun drying fans!
Sydney, Thanks for helping Megan celebrate her birthday in spa style!

First Game

Last Saturday, Megan played in her first soccer game.  Go Lady Razorbacks!!!!!
 My little #7 said she had a great time!  I love that Upwards is not competitive (It might not be as fun if they knew the score)  but teaches good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the fundamentals of the game. 

And it's fun to watch - ok, a bit nerve wracking - I mean you don't want to be the ONLY parent yelling, "no no, go the other way!!!!  Turn it around!  The other way...ooohhh, good job, way to try to stop the ball!"

 Only 4 girls from each team are on the field at a time.  And the coaches are right there on the field running with them helping them out with directions.  Megan came off the field saying, "Mr. Jeff is very encouraging."  And I thought -  I hope Mr. Jeff doesn't need to take blood pressure medicine after this... cause Mommy might.
 And while Megan was playing, Nicole got to play a bit on her own.... with her friend Bella!
Bella was there to cheer on her little sister Lucca (who we will play in a few weeks) - but while the sisters were playing, Bella was my right hand girl - and Nicole had a blast!  She got in the car saying, "Bella my friend!"  So sweet - glad they both got to have some fun.

Friday, April 6, 2012


With such fabulous weather, we had to take our first trip to the zoo this year!
And what a fun blessing it was to be able to join up with some sweet friends...
The little girls (Nicole and Emma) were the best of buds - and the big kids (Megan and Will) - well,they were cute - and loved to get a little silly.
 I didn't think I'd ever get Nicole away from the lions.... 
 and tigers....
 My girls loved the petting zoo!
 And we couldn't leave without a lot of hugs!

 Thanks for a fun day friends!
We renewed our seasons pass.....  so give me a call when you are going!