Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assundry Outings

I'm still trying to catch up from my blogging hiatus this month so I thought I'd just combine some fun.

Last week, we loaded up our wheels and headed to the park.  Nicole is desperately trying to learn how to ride her tricycle.  She hasn't quite figured out how to get her feet to cooperate yet - but that doesn't stop her - she's great at getting wherever she wants to go!
 And Megan.... her helmet snapped and she was GONE before I could try to get a shot of her.  I love the "bike park" we go to - the girls have a big loop around a field so I can keep my eye on Megan while shadowing Nicole.
 Last weekend, we celebrated a 2nd birthday for one of Nicole's little friends - Ellie.
 And really, you can't turn 2 without some bubbles!!!  I love this shot of Nicole because I finally have a picture that shows how long her hair is.
 Then of course there is soccer!  Some pre-game tips from dad.... mostly a reminder - now don't step on the ball.  Megan has had quite a few falls lately and several of them have happened while she was trying to stop the ball - and has accidently stepped on it.  Yeah- not so sturdy.
 During Megan's games - Nicole gets to hang out with one of her favorite people - Bella!
 Bella has a little sister who is Megan's age (we play her team next week),and Bella loves hanging out with Nicole.  Monday we got to church for practice and Nicole was so upset to realize that Bella wasn't going to be there.

Megan had pictures with her team Monday.

So, we've been busy - busy having fun!

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